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Finding the Right Commercial Voice for Your Brand

Whether you are considering a small radio spot or a complete series of television commercials, choosing the right commercial voice for your brand is critical. In fact, the voice you choose for your commercial work could easily determine whether consumers trust and like your brand or company, or whether they are turned away. If you … Read More


How Do I Know Which Agencies Will Find Me…

What makes Pastorini-Bosby Talent a leading agency for finding top talent from a variety of industries? PB Talent is a one-stop shop and a full-service agency that has been providing all sorts of talent for more than twenty years. What Type of Talent Can I Find At PB Talent? PB Talent is truly a top talent agency. … Read More


Do You Need a Highly Skilled Makeup Artist in…

If you are a person who is involved in the Houston, Texas entertainment field and need the skills of a professional makeup artist, you should look to the professionals at PB Talent. Whether you are involved in television, visual media, stage or other entertainment pursuits, the advantages and benefits of using a professional makeup artist … Read More


How Political Speakers Continue to Inspire and Motivate Audiences

Hiring any type of speaker for an event can be a daunting task, especially when looking for a political speaker. What is the best way to go about looking for the right speaker? Is there any guarantee the speaker will talk about and promote the kind of information that will be relevant? Finding the right … Read More


Breaking in to the International Entertainment Market with Spanish…

In our modern global economy, consumers around the world are exposed to a huge variety of marketing messages with equally great variability in language. Although English is one of the most popular languages globally for business needs, the international market is competitive to the point that marketing to international audiences usually requires the use of … Read More



Remember when fans brought FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS back from cancellation with the help of Direct TV? Shouldn’t we try it with REVOLUTION??? Jon Favreau posted on Facebook about how fans want to save the show and move it to another network. That is our new campaign! There are several things to do: sign the petition, … Read More

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