How Do I Know Which Agencies Will Find Me The Top Talent?

What makes Pastorini-Bosby Talent a leading agency for finding top talent from a variety of industries? PB Talent is a one-stop shop and a full-service agency that has been providing all sorts of talent for more than twenty years.

What Type of Talent Can I Find At PB Talent?

PB Talent is truly a top talent agency. PB Talent professionals can supply talent for any need, including:

  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Narrators
  • Spokespersons
  • Voice Talent
  • Convention and Tradeshow Hosts
  • Moderators
  • Models
  • Makeup Artists and Stylists

No matter what type of talent a client needs, PB Talent can provide quality representatives who will provide the solution to any talent requirements. While most people think of talent agencies as providers of entertainment talent, PB Talent hires talent for all types of purposes. Some of the industries that utilize PB Talent’s array of candidates are:

Film, Television and Commercials

PB Talent has placed actors and actresses in all areas of film and television. For clients who are filming extended shows or movies, PB Talent can provide any type of character actors necessary. PB Talent has actors and actresses of every age and type available for commercial work. Whether the role calls for a cute baby or a sweet grandmother, PB Talent can find the right actor or actress for the part.

Industrial Videos

Companies looking for an actor or actress of a particular type for an industrial or corporate training video need look no further than PB Talent. The wide array of actors and actresses of every description on the company’s roster means that any video role can be easily filled.


Many commercials, videos and other productions do not need visual talent. Instead, they need a particular type of voice. Some clients have very stringent requirements for age, tone and pitch of voice for voiceover work. PB Talent is ready to help those who need voiceover talent of any type find the actors or actresses they seek.


Teambuilding exercises are incorporated by many companies today to help employees understand the power of working together. PB Talent can provide teambuilding exercise leaders or talent to speak to groups or provide entertainment.

Entertainment and Speakers

Many groups simply want an entertaining speaker who can talk to them about a particular topic. Professional speakers and entertainers on every topic imaginable are easy to find when a company or group turns to PB Talent. Whether a group wants a serious talk on a particular subject or an “in character” speaker, PB Talent can provide the right person for the job.

Makeup Artists and Stylists

PB Talent provides quality, professional makeup artists and stylists for any production, private function or other need. PB Talent professionals can help with special effects makeup or simply make a bride look beautiful on her special day.

PB Talent is ready to help anyone find talent to fill a multitude of roles. Contact PB Talent today to find out how easy it is to find the right individual for any production or need.