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In keeping with the talent agency business model, our focus is matching artists with opportunities.

Our literary wing doesn’t place books with publishers or supply writers for short-form content. Instead, we’ve curated a small pool of stellar ghostwriters with proven book-writing chops in a variety of genres.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what an ideal collaboration looks like for you.

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Joni Rodgers

Joni Rodgers is a critically acclaimed novelist, #1 NYT bestselling ghostwriter, and EGOT collaborator who’s worked with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winners. She specializes in compelling memoirs, message-driven nonfiction, and book/screenplay adaptations. Joni is known industry-wide for her top-drawer talent, dedication to deadlines, and holistic collaborative style. Cover credit is negotiable. Confidentiality is sacred. Craft skills are ironclad.

“Joni Rodgers lives, loves, and writes without a safety net.”


“Engaging honesty and a steady supply of wisecracks .”


“This talented author brings pen and ink people to flesh and blood fulfillment.”




Bernadette Murphy

Bernadette brings fifteen years’ experience as an MFA professor, working with emerging writers to help them shape and craft their narratives, as well as an author of four books of her own. She both collaborates with notable figures and coaches aspiring writers, working hands-on with those who wish to be intimately involved in their projects.

Bernadette thoroughly enjoys working on books that weave research into personal narratives, as well as projects that capitalize on non-traditional structures and forms. As a former book critic for the Los Angeles Times, she also has a strong sense of the market, what readers are looking for, and how to provide it. 

For fun, Bernadette loves the great outdoors—rock and ice climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking—as well as quieter pursuits like meditation, knitting, and reading.  She is the mother of three outstanding young adults and lives in Park City, Utah. 

Sally Collings

Sally Collings is a ghostwriter and book proposal specialist with an outstanding track record of creating bestsellers and award-winning titles for the world’s leading publishing houses. Former non-fiction publisher for HarperCollins and editorial director for Amber Books, she now collaborates on non-fiction manuscripts and book proposals. Her author clients have been published by HarperBusiness, St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, Routledge, and Chronicle Books.

After landing her dream job as an editor for HarperCollins straight out of college, Sally pursued that career path across the globe, her journey taking her to Sydney, London, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where she now lives. When the working day is done, she enjoys eating good food, reading speculative fiction, and kickboxing.

Sally’s years in publishing have given her a deep understanding of the book creation process and the demands of the market. She gravitates towards working on business memoirs, as well as books that provoke social and personal change.