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Want to see more film and TV shot in…

 Join TXMPA in the fight to expand our incentive program! Meet Lena Lonestar, the sweet-talking, tell-it-like-it-is Star of TXMPA! She educates everyone on where funding for the TMIIIP (Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program) comes from.  Meet Lena Here: And for the Making of Lena Lonestar:   Brought to you by: Texas Media … Read More


Jam-Packed Metro Commercial with PB Talent!

Check out this Metro commercial full of PB Talent’s Phillip Trieu, Zhane Larrise, Savannah Bryan, Quinton Sampson. Jim Morris, Rita Widener, David Widener, Lindsey Steel, Goodness Nobinger, Jason Elliot, Johnston Wu, Venise Watson, Maria Hines, Mika Ireland, Orlando Arriaga, and Tracy Faultry. Watch Here:


PB Talent’s Dave Maldonado on Houston Life!

Check out PB’s Dave Maldonado in this interview with Houston Life. Dave has been with PB for 20 years and we could not be prouder of his success! Catch him in Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone on Paramount+ #PBProud   Watch here: