Plays Around Houston

Check out some live performances happening in Houston/Austin:

  • PB Talent’s Karina Pal-Montano will perform in Innominate at the Catastrophe Theatre! The show will run from May 27, 2022 –
    June 19, 2022. Find Tickets here.
  • PB’s Joan Hodges will perform in ‘The Sweet Delilah Swim Club’ at the Unity Theatre in Brenham from June 2 to 19th.  Click here for more info!
  • PB Talent’s Briana J. Resa, Joe Palmore, Juan Sebastian Cruz, Kim Tobin-Lehl, & Pamela Vogel in Between Riverside and Crazy! Shows will continue through June 4th. Click here for more information! 
  • PB Talent’s Ricardo-Hernandez Morgan to star in Main Street Theatres Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter: A Long and Transitory Love Story! Shows are scheduled through June 5th! Click here for More info! 
  • PB Talent’s Marissa Castillo will be performing in the upcoming on-stage adaptation of ‘Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter’! The show will run from May 14th to June 5th. Click here for more info!
  • Be sure to catch PB Talent’s Karina Pal-Montano and Brandon Hearnsberger in the upcoming production ‘GLORIA’ at 4th Wall Theatre Company! The show runs from March 24 to April 16th. Click here for more info!
  • Check out Stanton Welch’s Sylvia at The Wortham Center Stage 3/10 – 3/20 with PB’s Ayli Pinon! Click here for more info!
  • PB Talent’s Seth Mitchell performing in A Very Merry Christmas at the Peached Social House in Austin! Click here for more info!
  • PB Talent’s Olivia Tovar cast in MEEK! Live at University of Texas – Austin! Click here for more info and times!
  • Sonia Flew by Melinda Lopez presented by TEATRX with PB Talent’s Marissa Castillo, Mayra Monsivais and Gabriel Regojo.
    • Performed in 3 different locations around Houston! Click here to check the times and dates for the one near you!


If you are a PB actor and are in a play or theater show around town, please call Traci at (713) 266-4488 ext 100.