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Diversifying the Airwaves: The Importance of Reaching Audiences with…

As virtually all Americans know, the US is a great melting pot, a country where many cultures and ethnicities meld together to form the human race. Because of this, our linguistics are as varied as our food: English is far from the only language of the American people. With foreign languages becoming a commonality in … Read More


Medical Speakers Provide Inspiration and Motivation to Audiences Everywhere

If your hospital, medical center, medical school graduates or support group need inspiration at your next gathering, you’d be wise to select a proven speaker within the medical or health field from Pastorini-Bosby Talent. This agency, in business for 25 years, is the premier choice for all the most well-known celebrities, as well health and … Read More


Professional Makeup Artists in Houston

Finding the right make up artist can be a challenge, especially when you are unfamiliar with the area or not sure where to start looking. Handy in a wide variety of settings, professional makeup artists can help with more than just entertainment venues. When we hear the term ‘make up artist’, the first thing that … Read More