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Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency of Houston, TX has over 25 years of experience providing the most professional actors, professional voice over talent, affordable makeup artists, celebrity keynote speakers, and well-known athletes for commercials, films, corporate educational videos, and live appearances.

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With over 25 years of experience in entertainment our name is synonymous with customer service, professionalism, quality and collaboration.  We take pride in our brand.  We look forward to exceeding your highest expectations.

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Akili McDowell

Actor / Non-Union

The professional actors and models at Pastorini-Bosby are some of the finest in the nation. They represent both sexes from ages 4 to 90 and almost every ethnicity, race, dialect, and language in the world. We want to make sure that you have the very strongest selections for your project. Therefore we are extremely selective in the talent we send your way.

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Don’t Miss PB’s Emily Campion as Lisa Nowak in Scandal Made Me Famous on Reelz Network

Diaper Astronaut Lisa Nowak is an American Astronaut and national hero until in 2007 when she allegedly wears a diaper so she can drive straight from Houston to Orlando without stopping. Her sole intention is to kidnap her long-time lover’s new girlfriend. Though she fails in her attempt, the case gains National attention when details … Read More

Young Star Callie Hope Haverda Joins Indie Film ‘The Lost Husband’

Congrats to Callie Hope Haverda! The young actress, who you might recognize from Hulu’s Shut Eye, has joined the cast of indie flick, The Lost Husband. Directed by Vicky Wight, the film will also star Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb, plus Isaiah Whitlock Jr., Herizen F. Guardiola, and Nora Dunn. The film is based on the Katherine Center novel of the same name and follows Libby, … Read More

“An Ensemble of Memories…” by Wei-Huan Chen

The late George C. Hawkins founded the Ensemble Theatre in 1976. “Who would tell our stories? Without the Ensemble Theatre, God forbid, who would tell them?” artistic director Eileen Morris asks. George C. Hawkins directed one of the theater’s popular productions, gospel musical “God’s Trombones.” Eileen Morris peers across her car’s dashboard and sees the … Read More