“This is a Woman to Watch”

PB’s Samantha Walker has received a rave review for her performance in Firecracker Productions recent play, “Love/Sick” at Obsidian Theater. Check it out below!

Photo by Pin Lim, Forest Photography

“Samantha Walker…casting folks take notice….this is a woman to watch. Cast in the less interesting vignettes, Walker nonetheless captures our attention with her ability to go from zero to one hundred on the emotional scale in a matter of seconds. From gleeful over an expected proposal to dejected over being dumped. From to hopeful about children to realizing that her husband wants none. From the joy then sorrow of meeting your ex unexpectedly. Walker’s range and speed of dramatic trajectory is astonishing to watch.” – Jessica Goldman

Performances of Love/Sick continue through March 17 at Obsidian Theater, 3522 White Oak For information,  call 832-889-7837 or visit $10 to $20.

Read the HoustonPress article here!