The Importance of Developing Your Executive Presence and How to Apply It to a Business Meeting

Executive presence is a phrase often used in the business world. People know it when they see it but are less often able to define or analyze it. Those with executive presence exude gravitas, which implies decisiveness, self-confidence and poise. Much of executive presence is in people’s perception of those who have it, yet the quality goes far beyond outward appearance. Here are some of the key aspects of executive presence.


In tough situations, it is easy to lose your temper or become negative, but those with executive presence overcome these impulses and continually project an air of confidence. It is imperative to be able to control your emotions and manage your responses to difficult situations. The business world is often volatile, but if you have executive presence you are like a port in a storm. People are drawn to you because you project a safe environment along with a powerful presence.


Those with executive presence know how to communicate well. You know exactly what to say and know how to communicate it to others. Whether in a business meeting or in one-to-one interactions, people with executive presence understand the value of good communication. They are excellent public speakers because they know how to relate to an audience. They display clarity and conciseness and avoid extraneous language. They connect with listeners, make it clear that they are important, take the time to ask questions and genuinely care about the answers. They can read an audience and use feedback to meet the needs of the listeners.


Though executive presence is much more than mere outward appearance, those who have the quality understand that appearance is important. Their skin, hair, teeth and nails look clean. Unkempt or inappropriate attire is distracting, but those with executive presence have clothing that is clean, pressed and suitable for the occasion. Looking good every day helps them see themselves, and others see them, as people who take their professional roles seriously.


A major part of charisma is existing in the moment and manifesting great interest in those around you. Those with executive presence create and control a moment by living in it rather than dwelling on the past or future. When you are communicating either with an audience or an individual, people understand that you are only focused on them, and not distracted by something else. This makes those around you believe that their problems and what they have to say truly matter to you. Part of this assurance comes from having done your homework, knowing the answers and being passionate about your field.

Executive presence is an important personal asset and a necessary part of the leadership skills of the management of a company. The good news is that executive presence is learnable. PB Talent is able to find a coach to work with you step by step to develop your executive presence. If you desire to have more executive presence, do not view your shortcomings with passivity. Instead, get help to overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, so that your executive presence propels you to increased relevance, importance, value and responsibility.