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Boyhood follows the journey of a young boy becoming a man.

In 2002, six-year-old Mason Evans, Jr. (Ellar Coltrane) and his older sister Samantha (Lorelei Linklater) live with their single mother Olivia (Patricia Arquette) in Texas. Mason overhears Olivia arguing with her boyfriend, saying she has no free time for herself. Olivia moves the family so she can attend the University of Houston, complete her degree, and get a job.
Mason’s father, Mason Sr. (Ethan Hawke), visits Houston and takes the children bowling. After expressing his disgust over the Iraq war and trying to explain why he has spent so much time away from home, he promises to spend more time with his kids. When Mason Sr. drops the children off at home, he argues with Olivia and leaves while Mason and Samantha watch helplessly from a window. Olivia takes Mason to one of her classes, introducing him to her professor, Bill Welbrock (Marco Perella). Mason sees Olivia and Bill flirt with each other.
By 2005, Olivia and Bill have married and blended their two families, including Bill’s two children from a previous marriage. They share experiences such as playing video games and attending a midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
In 2006, the children bond with Mason Sr. as he takes them out for a day in Houston, culminating in a Houston Astros game and a sleepover at his house with his roommate Jimmy. Olivia continues her education and is initially supportive of Bill’s strict parenting style, which includes many chores for the children and a forced cutting of Mason’s long hair.
By 2007, however, Bill has become abusive as alcoholism takes over his life. When he assaults Olivia and endangers the children, Olivia moves the family to a friend’s house and files for divorce.
In 2008, Mason Sr. learns that Samantha has a boyfriend and talks to her and Mason about contraception. He and Mason go camping at Pedernales Falls State Park and bond over music, Star Wars, and Mason’s blossoming interest in girls.
By 2009, Mason and Samantha have grown into their new lives in San Marcos, a town close to Austin. Mason is bullied by other students at school and teased on a camping trip, but also starts receiving attention from girls. Olivia teaches psychology at college and moves in with Jim (Brad Hawkins), a student and veteran of the Afghanistan/Iraq War.
In 2010, by his fifteenth birthday, Mason has experimented with marijuana and alcohol. Mason Sr., remarried and with a baby, takes Mason and Samantha to visit his wife’s parents. He gives Mason a suit and a mix CD of Beatles songs; Mason’s step-grandparents give him a personalized Bible and a vintage shotgun. Mason becomes interested in photography.
In 2011, Mason is lectured by his photography teacher, who sees his potential but is disappointed in his lack of ambition. Mason attends a party and meets Sheena, who becomes his girlfriend. After Mason arrives home late one night from a party, Jim, who has been drinking heavily, confronts Mason about his late hours. Olivia leaves Jim.
In 2012, Mason and Sheena visit Samantha at the University of Texas at Austin, where they share their hopes and fears about college, staying up late to watch the sun rise. They are caught sleeping together in Samantha’s dorm room by her roommate.
During Mason’s senior year in 2013, he has a painful breakup with Sheena. He also wins the silver medal in a state photography contest and is awarded college scholarship money. Mason’s family throws him a graduation party and toasts his success. Mason Sr. gives him advice about his breakup. Planning to sell the house, Olivia meets up with Samantha and Mason for lunch asks the children to sort through their possessions.
As Mason prepares to leave his mother’s new apartment for college, Olivia breaks down, saying she is disillusioned by how fast life has flown by. At Sul Ross State University,[12] Mason moves into his dorm room, and meets his new roommate, his roommate’s girlfriend, Barb, who gives him a mushroom chocolate, and her roommate, Nicole. He goes hiking with the three of them at Big Bend National Park, where Nicole and Mason talk about seizing the moment; Mason agrees that “the moment seizes us”.