Professional Makeup Artists in Houston

Finding the right make up artist can be a challenge, especially when you are unfamiliar with the area or not sure where to start looking. Handy in a wide variety of settings, professional makeup artists can help with more than just entertainment venues. When we hear the term ‘make up artist’, the first thing that usually comes to mind are behind the scenes settings of movies and films, but these professionals make their mark in photography settings, theater productions, wedding celebrations and much more. Pastorini-Bosby Talent offers the very best in make up artistry, and is a great place to start the search for the right fit for nearly any occasion.

The Special Day

Weddings are a big deal, and on that special day, it is paramount that every little detail, including the bridal makeup be absolutely perfect. For many women, the makeup is just as much a part of the pre-wedding ritual as the hair and the gown, and making sure every detail falls into place is priority. Makeup artists are often consulted and contracted for brides and bridesmaids on that special day. Able to play up the features, professional makeup artists know what colors to use, which enhancements to incorporate. They also know just the right kind of embellishments to use, if any are desired or needed. Rather than deal with their own makeup and risk ruining the purity of the wedding gown, many brides opt to bring someone in for a little extra pampering on their big day.

Theater Makeup

While there are many who categorize movie and theater makeup in the same group, there are some major differences between the two. Theater makeup is often more exaggerated, and must be seen from a great distance. PB Talent offers professional artists skilled in the knowledge of how to play up the right features for different parts. Not only are they able to enhance facial lines for stages, they are also able to create makeup for animal characters, monsters and more. Without a professional at the helm of costume and make up, enhancements for theater productions can be a great challenge. Makeup has the ability to make or break a production.

Film Makeup

It takes a great deal of effort to look as good as celebrities, and makeup artists know all the ins and outs of the beauty secrets. Under the camera lights, regular makeup can melt, run, and is easily smudged. Professional artists are well versed in stage make up, both regular and enhanced. As with theater makeup, there is sometimes a need for a little something extra. A prominent facial scar, a bloody fight scene, or even paranormal effects. It takes a great deal of time and effort to transform someone into a werewolf, for example, and PB Talent offers make up artists willing and able to do the job.

Whether that big Houston wedding needs that extra special touch, or your big musical production requires a little extra handling, hiring the right makeup artist can make the end result that much more believable, special and memorable. Take some of the stress away from the job and find the right fit for your movie, photo shoot, special effects run, and more.