PB Talent Is Your Best Resource for Christian Speakers

Christian speakers are in high demand for church- and family-related events. These speakers represent wholesome values and inspirational faith that many people are looking for. They offer uplifting speeches that help us deal with life’s difficult moments as well as the joys we encounter along the way. Christian speakers offer something that many others cannot: a message that speaks across generations and touches listeners on their deepest and most personal levels.

PB Talent’s roster of Christian speakers offers positive, affirming messages of faith that will keep any group spellbound and allow them to leave with new happiness and hope. PB Talent offers a variety of Christian speakers of all ages and walks of life, including:

Bobby Bowden

This legendary Florida State University football coach took a struggling team and brought them to national fame. Coach Bowden is available to discuss his own life experiences and how his faith has shaped his career.
Dave Dravecky

This retired pitcher for the San Francisco Giants offers a powerful message of faith and hope as well as advice for living a Christian life in any environment.

Deion Sanders

“Neon Deion” is still the only man to win both a Super Bowl and a World Series. He brings his faith to life in his inspirational speeches and tells stories about his fascinating career as both a football and a baseball player.

Kirk Cameron

Famous for his role on television’s Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron has made his mark as an outstanding Christian actor in the Left Behind movie series as well as other films. Mr. Cameron is available for speaking engagements and works with groups to provide a strong message of living a faith-based life.

Lisa Welchel

“Blair” from television’s Facts of Life is all grown up, but her message of love and how her faith has impacted her life will never grow old! Author, actress and most recently a Final Three contestant on Survivor, Ms. Welchel is ready to spellbind audiences with her fascinating story.

Paul Azinger

As captain of the 2008 United States Ryder Cup team, Paul Azinger knows a good bit about hard work and what it takes to become a champion. This pro-golfer is ready to entertain audiences with his personal message and stories of how he integrated his faith into his quest for greatness in golf.

Mike Huckabee

As a politician, Mr. Huckabee has been in the spotlight for his strong stand on faith-based issues. He is now available for speaking engagements of all types and shares a message of hope and strength for our nation and our world.

Willie Robertson

Long before he became famous as part of A&;E’s Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson knew about commitment and faith through studying his own family. Now, Mr. Robertson shares his beliefs with groups of all types and helps young people understand how faith plays a role in every part of life.

Contact PB Talent for your next Christian speaking engagement. Patorini-Bosby Talent can work with you to provide your group with the perfect speaker for your event at a price that fits your budget.