PB Talent Can Provide a Makeup Artist for Every Event and Occasion

When you have a special event, either personally or professionally, you want to ensure that you look your best. This is why many people turn to the expertise of professional makeup artists to ensure they are putting their best foot forward. At PB Talent we provide makeup artists for every special event in your life, and every occasion you desire professional makeup application. Our makeup artists are available to clients in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. They are extremely versatile in the services and makeup application they provide, and will custom design a look for you. Below are the top reasons our clients pick PB Talent when they choose a professional makeup artist in Houston.


Most women choose to have their makeup professionally applied on their wedding day. This is not only because they want to look their best on their special day, but they want to look their best in the multitude of videos and photos they will reminisce upon for years to come. Even women who opt for a minimal amount of makeup on a daily basis choose to have a professional makeup artist in Houston on their wedding day to give them one less thing to worry aboutwhen getting ready. The goal of wedding makeup is to be natural, light, fresh, and to ensure that the bride looks like herself. Our professional makeup artists can minimize any flaws, and highlight a brides most notable featuresmaking her feel confident on her special day.

Special Events

Personally and professionally, many of our clients opt to have makeup application done when attending special events. This could be anything from holiday parties, black-tie events, or themed parties that require special makeup application. From classic, modern, edgy, high definition, or special effectsregardless of your need for application, PB Talents makeup artists can do it all.

Photo Shoots

Whether your photo shoot is high-fashion, ad copy, head shots, or business photos needed for your website and marketing material, PB Talent makeup artists can ensure you are camera ready. Regardless of your gender, our makeup artists can ensure you are high definition ready. If the photo shoot is high fashion, our makeup artists can create the custom look you desire, and will design a look for your models that is a true work of art.

Motion Pictures

Motion pictures have a wide variety of needs when it comes to makeup application. While some motion pictures prefer their actors to have glamour airbrushing and high definition makeup application, many motion pictures have a variety of other needs. This could be anything from transforming someone’s appearance altogether using special effects, aging a person, or making a person appear more youthful. Our makeup artists are also able to apply makeup to create bruising, scarring, wounds, cover tattoos and scars, and many other makeup application needs.

At PB Talent our makeup division provides clients in the Houston, Texas area, and around the world, with professional makeup application for personal use, corporate use, film, video, print, bridal, or any other occasion in which you desire professional makeup application. For a head-to-toe look, PB Talent can also provide you with a personal stylist or hairstylist for upcoming events.