How to Find the Ideal Inspirational Speakers for Your Next Event

The right motivational speakers can take any seminar or gathering to a higher level. They can help the hosts spread a particular message, set the tone and keep guests entertained. Whether the seminar is educational or it’s a casual gathering as part of a larger event, it’s vital to work with the right speaker. The following are some tips to help coordinators and sponsors find the ideal inspirational speakers for their needs and goals.

How to Choose the Best Speaker

Finding the right inspirational speakers depends in part on knowing the audience. Most gatherings have a common goal. A group that strives to help improve the lives of others would appreciate most speakers that have a story to share about hardship, charity and making lives better. When working with a group that’s trying to reach lofty goals, the best speakers will have some experience in overcoming challenges, setting goals and reaching for their dreams. Before talking to any talent agencies, coordinators should take a moment to determine what the common interest and goals they may be working with.

Setting the Tone

The speakers will also work to set the tone in a gathering. They’re going to create a lighter mood with jokes, or bring things down to Earth again with somber stories of struggle and triumph. They may focus on politics or current events to engage the audience and keep things lively. A great talent agency can help coordinators reach their goals by pairing them with speakers that will set the desired tone and help create the right atmosphere. It’s important for coordinators to consider the desired tone when they’re reviewing possible speakers and making their selections.

Well-Known Individuals are Well-Received

Many public speakers with an inspirational message are well-known. While they may not be celebrities or movie stars, they still have their own following and are recognizable in the public eye. They include athletes and politicians, among others. Speakers don’t have to fall into this category, but a large audience with a variety of interests and opinions is easier to entertain and reach out to when they’re looking at a familiar face. The top talent agencies understand this and work with speakers who already have their own brand and regularly reach out to a large group of people.

Work With a Professional Talent Agency

PB Talent works with an incredible range of well-known speakers, including top names like Patricia Heaton, Dr. Oz, Mark Cuban and Rachel Ray. They have contracts with politicians, athletes and an incredible range of celebrities. They also have dedicated customer service professionals on staff who will work with customers to determine what their needs and goals are. Their goal is complete customer satisfaction and a successful speaking event, so they’ll work hard to ensure that all customers are matched with the right inspirational speaker for their needs.

When it’s time to plan the final details of a gathering or symposium, it’s important for coordinators to ensure that they have the right speakers on the schedule. An experienced talent agency like Pastorini-Bosby can help match clients to the ideal speakers. It’s important to know what the goals are and if there’s a certain tone that needs to be set, and the team at PB Talent will help coordinators answer all of those important questions. Planners can rest easy knowing that they’ve found the perfect speaker for their upcoming event.