Hiring a Political Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event

A motivational speaker can help to motivate your employees or clients, boost productivity, encourage sales, and lead your company down the road to success and victory. One of the best subgroups of motivational speakers are political speakers, who incorporate true stories of success and struggle in their speeches. If you’re in need of a political speaker for you next corporate meeting or executive summit, Pastorini-Bosby Talent can help.

The Benefits of a Political Speaker

Hiring a political speaker for your corporate event offers many benefits. Trained in the power of persuasion and the ability to transform public opinion, a political speaker will be one of the most skilled motivational speakers you ever recruit. Accomplished in delivering successful speeches that can change audience members’ minds and attitudes, a political speaker can be an effective tool in promoting corporate ideas, needs, or goals all while providing internal motivation for your audience as well. Additionally, because political speakers come from all walks of life, the right political speaker can provide a model for nearly anything in life, be it women’s rights, law, race relations, equality, religion, or liberal or conservative ideologies.

The Best Political Speakers

At PB Talent, you can choose from our roster of famed and talented political speakers, which include:

Alan Krueger: Former Chairman to the White House Council of Economic Advisors, Alan Krueger is one of the most highly sought after political speakers available. Frequently speaking on healthcare, jobs, and the economy, Krueger utilizes a combination of humor and charisma when delivering his speeches.

Dick Morris: Well-known political commentator for Fox News and author Dick Morris is a much-loved political speaker. A famous political consultant, campaign manager, website founder, chief strategist, and nonpartisan analyst, Morris is a well-informed and highly experienced speechmaker.

Marlo Thomas: If you’re looking for a political speaker that has experience in more than politics, a woman like Marlo Thomas is the speaker for you. In addition to being a political and social activist, Thomas is an Emmy Award winning actress, best selling author, and outreach director for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A speaker who can address an audience on everything from reaching success despite obstacles, women’s achievement, sexual exploitation and domestic violence, and juggling a busy lifestyle, Marlo Thomas is truly a woman with many talents.

In addition to the three speakers mentioned above, PB Talent also works with political speakers such as Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Jane Fonda, Steve Ford, Ben Stein, and Jon Stewart.

Hire Your Political Speaker Today

No matter the type of corporate event that you’re hosting—be it a seminar, conference, meeting, trade show, networking event, executive retreat, or even a theme party—a political speaker can set the perfect tone. Additionally, a political speaker can help to drive home your company’s message and goals, motivate your employees or audience, and reinvigorate your audience with your corporation’s values.

To hire your political speaker today, contact PB Talent, who can provide you with more information about which political speaker is right for your event, give you more information about pricing, and guide you through all of your booking needs.