Exploring the Many Different Types of Trade Show Models

Trade shows are a valuable resource for companies who are reaching out to other businesses and trying to expand their reach with consumers. However, there’s more to a successful trade show than renting space and putting out a table. The other attendees have a limited amount of time and energy, so they won’t stop at every display. If they believe they’ve seen a company at another show and weren’t interested, then they might not give that company a second chance. However, this can be overcome by having the right trade show models and fantastic talent at the table.

Crowd Gatherers

Crowd gatherers will work to ensure your booth is constantly surrounded by attendees. These individuals, armed with in-depth knowledge regarding your company, will draw crowds to your table with their dynamic personalities. Individuals need to see something fresh if they’re going to visit a presenter’s table, and this is particularly true if they saw that company in the past and weren’t impressed. That first impression is vital, so companies are wise to invest in modern tables, fresh configurations and outgoing trade show models who’ll work to draw the people in as they are walking by.

Hosts and Hostesses

While those staffing the tables don’t have to be models, they should be appropriately dressed and looking their best. Hosts and hostesses will make sure your booth is near and orderly at all times, while also ensuring that visitors are equipped with all the information they need regarding your booth and your company.


The point of the trade show is to garner new contacts and business, but that cannot happen if people walk away with contact information. A booth facilitator will ensure that individuals not only visit your booth, but that they remain at the booth long enough to learn information about the company. A booth facilitator can be especially helpful if your booth contains multi-media devices such as screens and tablets that require explanation or demonstrations. They will make sure the necessary information reaches your audience in an engaging and concise manner.


It takes talent to reach out to people walking by and get them to stop for a closer look. The best displays can only go so far, and then it’s up to the trade show models to take things to the next level. Presenters are confident professionals that will give demonstrations regarding the nature of your business and any new happenings within the company. If you are unveiling a new product, a presenter will educate attendees and make certain they leave your booth fully informed about the company and product.

This year, companies are looking to make the most of trade shows by investing in the right displays and staff. They know that these are important opportunities, and they’re looking to maximize on the exposure by bringing people to the table and sending them away with accurate contact information. If finding the right talent is proving challenging, consider hiring trade show models and talent to ensure your company is properly represented at your next trade show.