Bernadette Murphy

Bernadette brings fifteen years’ experience as an MFA professor, working with emerging writers to help them shape and craft their narratives, as well as an author of four books of her own. She both collaborates with notable figures and coaches aspiring writers, working hands-on with those who wish to be intimately involved in their projects.

Bernadette thoroughly enjoys working on books that weave research into personal narratives, as well as projects that capitalize on non-traditional structures and forms. As a former book critic for the Los Angeles Times, she also has a strong sense of the market, what readers are looking for, and how to provide it. 

For fun, Bernadette loves the great outdoors—rock and ice climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking—as well as quieter pursuits like meditation, knitting, and reading.  She is the mother of three outstanding young adults and lives in Park City, Utah.