Who Are The Top Voice Over Agents?

What makes PB Talent a leader among voice over agents?  PB Talent  is a firm of professional talent agents who are experts at finding commercial voice talent for projects in every possible industry.

Managing finding the right voice talent is important for many groups. Advertising, creating corporate videos and tying video productions together all require good voice-over talent. It also requires the right voice for the right audience. The voice over agents at PB Talent can help companies find the right voice casting through one of several methods, depending on the client’s preference.

How Can I Cast Voice Talent Through PB Talent?

PB Talent can help you find the voice talent you need in several ways. First, you can request voice demo tapes recorded by PB Talent’s roster of talent, at their own studios. You can review these voice talents at your leisure and choose the one that best suits your needs, with or without help from the experts at PB Talent. If you choose, PB Talent will even pick the voice talent for you, saving you from the stress of listening to several samples. Simply tell them the purpose of your project and the experts can find the right voice for you.

What Type of Voice Talent is Available from PB Talent?

PB Talent offers voice talent for all purposes. Men, women and children are all part of the PB Talent family, and can be available for your video project at your request. Common uses of voice talent include:

? Corporate audio voice-overs. If you are making a corporate video and need a voice-over for narration, PB Talent can provide you with both male and female voices for your film. Many corporations include voice talent in their corporate videos to explain and illustrate the visual part of the video and require professional talent for this job.

? Character voices for a film or video. Sometimes you have someone with the right look but not the right voice for your video. PB Talent can provide the perfect voice for your characters, no matter what their age, gender or other identifying features.

? Commentators. If you need commentary on a sports video or any other type of production, look no further than PB Talent. Commentators are available with experience in all types of commentary, including sports, history, entertainment and other fields.

? Children’s voices. PB Talent not only has great adult voice talent, but children’s voice talent as well. Kids are sometimes more difficult than adults to manage and cast, but PB Talent takes the guesswork out of the process by offering an easier way to find great children’s talent.

? Non-English voice talent. As more and more companies see the growing need for non-English voice over work, PB Talent is poised to assist with all of your international voice needs. PB Talent can find the exact accent and delivery to make your non-English voice project successful and on-point.

Regardless of your needs, PB Talent can provide the best commercial voice talent for your project. Contact PB Talent today to find out how easy it is to hire the very best voice talent.