Some Helpful Tips for Audition and Booked Jobs Etiquette!

We need you to confirm with the agency as soon as you get the information. You may confirm with the agent that called you or on that agent’s voice mail. Please give them your name and the date, time and location of your audition. If it is after hours, please leave confirmations on our voice mail. If you confirmed an audition you can’t make, or if you are running late, please call your agent immediately (this is NOT the time to email) to explain and we will notify the casting director. Never call the casting director or audition location yourself unless instructed to do so. In addition, if you notice that you have “missed” a call on your cell phone, please check your messages before calling the agency back.

-Please arrive in the parking lot 20 minutes prior to your audition time and sign in 15 minutes prior.

-Once you sign in you must not leave the holding area. Sign-in person can answer most of the questions you have. If not, ask the director when you go in.

-Turn off your cell phone before you go in for your audition.

-Have your headshots in hand when you walk in and leave any bags just inside the door.

-Males take something to wipe your face off before you go in so you won’t be shiny. You should powder your face if still shiny or red.

-Females should wear “on-camera” makeup and take powder and lipstick for touch-ups right before going in. They need to see hair length, so do not wear it up unless specified.


-On Set etiquette STARTS THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!
-Know your location!!!! Drive there the day before if you are unsure. Also ASK! Do not call the day of as you are driving, call the day before. Be prepared!
-Always be early. Early is on time and on time is late!
-If you have questions about the job please call and ask the agents. Do not ask people on set.
-DO NOT discuss money on set.
-Always arrive 100% prepared. That means your lines are completely memorized and all of your wardrobe is with you!!
-Set photos or videos are not permitted under ANY circumstances! If you receive any photos they must not be posted on social media.
-You may NOT share information about a shoot with family, friends, or social media until what you have done has already aired.