Finding the Right Commercial Voice for Your Brand

Whether you are considering a small radio spot or a complete series of television commercials, choosing the right commercial voice for your brand is critical. In fact, the voice you choose for your commercial work could easily determine whether consumers trust and like your brand or company, or whether they are turned away.

If you need examples of famous voices that are connected with particular products, think of your favorite commercial. National companies are always seeking well-known commercial voice actors and actresses to voice their commercials because they know that consumers will identify with that particular commercial voice and, in turn, with their product.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent can help you find the perfect voice for your next commercial. Our actors and actresses can provide quality voice work for your next commercial, lending the right tone to help you sell your product.

Not Just the Voice but the Vibe

While it is important to some companies to secure popular actors and actresses, it is more important to have the right voice or vibe for a particular commercial. When you secure voice talent, you must match the type of voice you choose to the product.

You may not want a child’s voice on a commercial for a financial product. That might send the wrong message, whereas a professional tone might encourage people to trust a bank or insurance agency. On the other hand, you do not want someone who is too serious to voice over a commercial for a young, vibrant clothing store. It is important that your audience identify with the speaker, and that is not likely to happen if the voice-over actor is someone who is out of touch with the target market.

How Can PB Talent Help Me Find The Right Voice?

At PB Talent, we not only have years of helping businesses choose the right voice-over actors for their commercials but we also have access to an incredible range of talent.

We represent men and women, adults and children with a wide variety of sounds. We represent individuals with various accents that can appeal to your target audience, as well. Regardless of what you are selling, PB Talent offers you a way to find the right voice for your product.

PB Talent also offers services to clients that allow them to easily audition voice talent. Whether a company wants to do its own voice casting or allow PB Talent to control the auditions, we will find the right actor or actress to represent your product. We can make voice demo tapes right in our offices that you can then play for your company’s directors, or we can have actors or actresses call or speak to you in person. However you choose to handle finding your voice talent, PB Talent will work with you to secure the perfect commercial voice talent.

With more than 20 years of experience in finding great talent for every job, PB Talent is ready to help you find the voice of your brand and increase customer engagement with your products by choosing the right voice-over actor or actress for your next commercial.