Examining the Most Desirable Traits in Trade Show Models

Trade show models, also known as promotional models, are models that are hired with the purpose of advertising a product. Most commonly used for festivals, auto shows, trade shows, and other big events, trade show models are often valuable assets when it comes to marketing or selling goods. Before your company attends its next convention, trade show, or festival, consider the benefits of trade show models, as well as what characteristics you should look for when hiring a promotional model.

The Benefits of Hiring a Trade Show Model

If your company or business will be attending any type of event where your product will be put on display, you should give serious consideration to hiring a trade show model. Trade show models not only attract consumers to your booth or display—rather, trade show models interact with customers, provide information about the product, answer consumer questions, increase product awareness, and provide feedback to you about consumers’ reactions or feelings about the product.

Traits of Trade Show Models

Hiring trade show models involves more than just recruiting someone for their appearance. Because trade show models are often independent contracts that do freelance work, they’re highly skilled at learning and retaining new information, being personable, and quickly gathering and relaying detailed product information. When searching for a trade show model for your company, look for someone who has the following characteristics:

Confidence: Confidence is a critical characteristic for a trade show model. Not only does being a trade show model mean being in the spotlight, the model must also have confidence in their ability to recruit people to the booth, as well as their ability to understand information and speak confidently about your product.

Great Communication Skills: Being a trade show model doesn’t just involve standing there; it’s about communicating with customers. Trade show models need to have the skills to relay difficult or esoteric information into a way that’s concise and easy to understand for the layman.

Charisma: Charisma often stems from the models ability to be friendly, kind, and outgoing. It’s your trade show models responsibility to interact with people and recruit them to your booth—when hiring, pick someone that stands out, has a big smile, loves to talk to people, and strikes you as charming.

Great Problem Solving Skills: There will be times when problems or complications arise. A trade show model should be able to think on her feet, remain logical, and know how to handle different situations, question, or obstacles they might face.

How to Hire Trade Show Models

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