Breaking in to the International Entertainment Market with Spanish Voice Talent

In our modern global economy, consumers around the world are exposed to a huge variety of marketing messages with equally great variability in language. Although English is one of the most popular languages globally for business needs, the international market is competitive to the point that marketing to international audiences usually requires the use of bilingual advertising and most often, Spanish voice talent.

This is particularly true if you’re trying to break into the large Spanish-speaking market, where the last thing you need is a lukewarm advertising campaign to cripple your campaign. Speaking from a purely practical standpoint, having the right voice allows your ads to reach significantly larger audiences. But there are several more substantial reasons to choose Spanish voice talent. After all, just because a person speaks English doesn’t mean it’s the optimal language for marketing to them.

Bilingual Advertising Research

According to one study from the University of Wisconsin, the competitive edge of using a customer’s local language originates from a cognitive duality that occurs in bilingual speakers. Among their findings, the study discovered that the quality of recall for marketing messages made in a second language were remarkably worse than messages received in a native language. Although this effect isn’t well understood, it’s believed to be because it requires more cognitive effort to compute information in a second language, leaving fewer mental resources for retention of the actual message.

According to a similar study from the University of Chicago, messages that are expressed in our native language are the most effective for creating an emotional reaction in the listener. It’s believed that this emotional gap occurs because the average international consumer has more personal memories attached to words in their native language than to words in their second or third languages.

And you don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that emotion is a motor for creating a response from your audience, and that emotionally interested listeners are more likely to remain invested in your message. If your marketing campaign is targeting a Spanish audience, your campaign needs to be spoken in fluent Spanish to make the emotional connections necessary for effective advertising.

Working With the Right Agency

After you’ve made the choice to use Spanish voice talent, you need to make the choice to use the right talent agency. Working with the right agency is often the sole difference between success and failure in international marketing, because so much of your success is depends on an understanding of what it takes to advertise to Spanish audiences.�

For instance, you need the right talent to fulfill a wide range of needs. You have to find the right voice and dialect for your ad. Above all, that means finding the appropriate regional accent for your campaign. That includes a wide variety of regional accents, so you have a Mexican Spanish accent for campaigns in Mexico, a Neutral Spanish accent for campaigns in Peru, and so on.

PB Talent stands out as a leading talent provider because it can accommodate all that and more. PB Talent can work at your speed, either playing a direct role in helping you cast Spanish voice talent, or enabling you to cut costs cast the talent on your own. Unlike some agencies, you can hear exactly what your talent sounds like before you’ve hired them. And with PB’s high-tech digital recording facilities, it’s able to crate professional audio recordings suitable for any medium.