PB Talent’s Political Voice Overs

Pastorini-Bosby’s Political Voice-Over Division offers a selective roster of seasoned and persuasive voice actors for your campaign needs.
You may choose from a wide and diverse range of male and female voices. Many have been voicing for political campaigns for years. They are the best of the best AND have their own studios equipped with Phone Patch, Source Connect or ISDN capabilities. Most are able to turn your project around in less than 24 hours and often times, in the same day.
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REDRepublican     RED & BLUENeutral     BLUEDemocrat

Alan Ackles

Alyson Steel

Amy Jeffries

Andy Barnett

Bob Olson

Brian Amador – Bilingual

Carl Bishop

Dan Friedman

Deane Clark

Debbe Hirata

Denise Kelly

Drew Montgomery

Eric Chase

Gale Van Cott

Heather Foster

Ian Fishman

Jay Preston

Jim Allen

Jim Bratton

Jim Cissell

J Micheal Collins

John Guidry

Jonathan Corley

Jorge Infante

Kabir Singh

Kathleen France

Kendall Campbell

Ken Scott

Kevin Charles

Larry Davis

Laura Doman

Liz Aiello

Lyssa Graham

Marc Cashman

Mario Rios

Matt Cowlrick

Matt Weiwel

Maureen McCullough

M. Bruce Abbott

Melanie Haynes

Mike Berlak

Monica Velarde

Nicky Mondellini

Neil Wilson

Peter K O’Connell

Ray Schilens

Rick Lance

Robert Clotworthy

Rosi Amador – Bilingual

Scott D. Forsyth

Scott Gorman

Sylvia Nieves

Tara Sands

Tanesha Nicole

Tony Pasquale