Tessanie Rizvi

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: Gen Y (teens – 20's), Gen X (30's-40's)
  • Category:Out Of Market Women, All Women

While I may not actually be your neighbor next door, it won’t be long before we’re chatting like old friends. I pride myself in my ability to take direction and I’m super flexible, so working together won’t even feel like work! (I mean, is it really work if you’re having this much fun?)
When it comes to singing or commercial jingles, I may not be Adele, but I am a karaoke superstar.
My prior experience involves teaching both children and adults, which gives me a unique perspective on voicing eLearning, business trainings, educational apps, video & audio tutorials and children’s materials. I’ve had years of practice with being articulate and concise in my communication, while also capturing and holding the attention of my listeners to keep them engaged.
I have a full professional studio, ISDN capability, excellent quality, and quick turn around time. Let’s get this party started! I have no doubt we can make your audience feel ALL the feelings.


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Corporate & Narration
Corporate & Narration

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Commercial, Corporate-Narration

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