Mariana Alvarez

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: Gen X (30's-40's)
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Hola! My Name is Mariana Alvarez and I am so happy to share my journey with you.

Once upon a time in Mexico City, a very extroverted little girl armed with her Daddy’s Panasonic recorder and microphone, recorded her first of many radio programs filled with imaginary stories, anecdotes, and hilarious comedy. The joy I felt performing, singing and dancing in front of an audience, was unveiled in my early childhood years, that is why I always took the opportunity to put on a major production anytime we had family or friends over at home (Mi Casa).

Genetics played an important role in my love for the arts, since in many branches of my family tree, there have been musicians and even an opera singer. And now, I have enriched this tapestry, by being the first voice over artist and actress that does this professionally.

I graduated with honors from College with a Major in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Finance. I held the position of Broker in a multinational company, but in the year 1999, I left my job and my Mexico, to move to the United States to support my former husband’s career.

I was very blessed to be a stay at home Mommy and be fully devoted to my two beautiful boys, Diego and Sebastian. One amazing day while living in Colorado I made the brave decision to follow my dreams. I decided to finally follow that persistent inner voice and started submitting to the main talent agencies in Denver. At that moment, the only experience in my acting resume was a principal role in a Musical I was part of, at one of the most prestigious theaters in Mexico City, Teatro Jorge Negrete. I submitted through the websites of two different agencies, and even though I did not hear back from them, I decided to try one more time, and wrote an email to one of the most experienced agents in Denver: Peter DeAnello. That night, the words flowed freely from my heart in the most genuine and honest way, I explained my situation, shared about my acting background and wrote “I believe in destiny, but also in the power of WILL to make it happen, and angels in your life that lead you to your DREAM. I know It is not a coincidence that I found you in cyberspace. Is there any way I can get an appointment with you?” The very next day, Mr. DeAnello replied my email, asking me to prepare a Monologue for our first meet. It went really well, as he became my very first agent. Very quickly I started booking TV Commercials, industrial projects, and since I am bilingual, I was part of various industrial voice overs in Spanish and even gave the voice to a cartoon character !.

I have been extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love, and to work at a craft that has brought me so much satisfaction. Now that I live in Austin, I have been able to break into Film and TV.

I have always loved being a storyteller, the heart connector with an audience, and the voice that brings many characters to life. Being a native from Mexico City and fully bilingual has opened so many opportunities for me. Let’s create more MAGIC and meet you soon in the booth! Gracias!


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