Allison Keith

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: Gen Y (teens – 20's), Gen X (30's-40's)
  • Category:Houston Based Women, All Women

Well-known throughout the US anime industry’s voice actors, Allison Keith was one of the first anime voice actors hired in the state of Texas back in the summer of 1995. Most famous for her leading role of Misato in the international phenomenon Neon Genesis Evangelion, Keith has voiced characters in hundreds of anime episodes and films. Other notable anime titles include .hack//Legend of the Twighlight Bracelet in the lead role of Rena, Nku Nku, Full Metal Alchemist, Noir, Full Metal Panic and Blue Seed and many more. She was also the voice of Nikki from the short lived series Nikki on the Cartoon Network in 2000. Allison has voiced a few industrial films and documentaries.


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