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What are the advantages of hiring a talent agency for voice casting services?

There are many advantages to using an agent for your voice casting needs. Namely, agents know their talent very well and can help you find the perfect fit for your project or production. Agents often have access to resources that an average consumer will not have; therefore they have a larger pool of talent to choose from. Top talent agencies will also have an extensive database of performers who’ve auditioned in the past.

Established voice casting agents have a number of artists they represent, and it is their job to know their talent well enough to suitably choose the appropriate talent for your needs. Voice casting agents may present you with several different artists to choose from, or they may have one particular talent that they know is perfect for your job.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

voice casting was a perfect match
Artist was a great
Written by: Larry W
Date Published: 2014-11-17

The voice casting was a perfect match for what I was looking for, and the artist was a great fit for my project

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

The right artist for my commercial
Great care in matching
Written by: Jennifer L
Date Published: 2014-12-02

The voice casting agent I worked with took great care in matching me with exactly the right artist for my commercial.

Image of voice casting from pb talent

What is the cost of voice casting services?

Believe it or not, hiring a voice casting agent through Pastorini-Bosby is a free service. Typically, reputable agents receive a percentage of the artist’s income after booking a job. That means that there is no additional cost to the person hiring the talent.

Voice casting agents typically receive about 10 percent of the artist’s pay. The casting agent will serve as a go-between for the producer, director or production company and the talent in negotiating a contract for a voice-over or performing role. Aside from finding the right voice to fit the potential role, a voice casting agent should be proficient in helping the two parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement to facilitate the booking.

When should I use voice casting services?

When you have a project that requires just the right voice, a casting agent is going to be your best bet! While it’s true that sometimes directors and producers have a particular artist in mind for a project, there are plenty of times when all they have is a vague idea of how they want the talent to sound. This is a time when casting agents are particularly useful. It is a voice casting agent’s job to know which of their artists can fill particular casting calls. Additionally, many of the top talents are represented by casting agents and book jobs exclusively through those agents.

Agents create relationships with the artists they represent and learn what each person’s strengths are and how wide their range of versatility is. They know exactly which artists to recommend for which type of job. Senior casting agents have likely been in the industry for years, and are not only familiar with the talent, but are also extremely comfortable with the overall process of booking a job — from conception to the final product. Their insight into the different facets of a project can be invaluable to not only the talent they represent but also the directors and producers who reach out to hire them.

Agents not only represent a wide range of talent themselves but have the ability to reach out to other industry insiders and approach other agents or artists, as the need may arise. Reputable agents are also held accountable to government regulations; so there are no concerns about being scammed, as either an artist or a producer if you hire a legitimate casting agent.

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