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How do I hire a trade show modeling agency?

First, do some research and find out which talent companies in your area have the best reputation and the most versatile group of talent. Determine if the agency has any specialties; for example, do they contract with celebrity look-alikes or models with experience working as mascots?

Once you’ve selected a few promising top talent agencies, give them a call to determine if the talent agencies in your area have models that meet your needs and your budget. If you run into difficulty finding what you need locally, there are also national agencies that represent models and other types of talent from all over the country.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

PB Talent models were prompt
Exceeded all of my expectations
Written by: Andrew B
Date Published: 2014-09-25

The PB Talent models were prompt, courteous and extremely professional. They exceeded all of my expectations.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

Exclusively book trade show models
Best in the biz
Written by: Harold P
Date Published: 2014-10-09

I exclusively book trade show models through Pastorini-Bosby. They are the best in the biz, hands down.

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How long before my event should I hire trade show models?

There are several specifics you’ll need to address when choosing how far in advance to book trade show models for your upcoming event, including:

  • The size of the event
  • The duties you’ll need a model to perform
  • Whether you require an experienced model or if a newer model is sufficient

Often, you’ll need an array of models for a trade show or convention because the talent will service a number of functions throughout the event. Models can serve as greeters, crowd gatherers, product specialists, brand ambassadors, and much more. Greeting and crowd gathering models are easy to find and secure, as they are much more plentiful than more experienced and skilled models. Booking a product specialist might require more notice than is necessary for a model who will just be scanning badges or handing out brochures.

The more experienced a model is, the more likely that his or her calendar will be booked weeks or months ahead of time. If you prefer to hire more experienced models: the earlier you can book them, the better your chances of getting your top talent choices.

Pastorini-Bosby represents the best and most experienced trade show models in the Houston area and around the globe. If you’re looking to hire talent for your event, we are the top talent agency to meet your needs.

What are things to consider when hiring trade show models?

Before you go about hiring anyone for your show, you’ll need to determine what their functions will be. Staffers for your business are often the best choice as products specialists, but according to Exhibitoronline.com, models can also play an important role in your trade show presence.

A few possible functions of trade show or expo models include:

  • Information-desk staffers
  • Giveaway distributors
  • Traffic managers
  • General greeters
  • Booth hosts/hostesses

There are some models who make excellent product specialists, but these models are often highly experienced and may be brand ambassadors for specific products or services only.

Before hiring a model to work your trade show, you may want to take some of these factors into consideration:

  • How many models will you need for the duration of the trade show
  • Whether the models will be required to do any speaking engagements or presentations
  • Whether you need models with extensive experience
  • Whether you have any specific type(s) of model that you are seeking
  • Your total talent budget for the event

You’ll also want to determine if you require any special skills from the talent or if you will have any special requests, including whether models need to be bilingual and whether they will need to wear a costume or other special attire. Lastly, you’ll need to look for models who are professional, experienced, and trustworthy.


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