Welcome to the Pastorini-Bosby Speakers Bureau, your premier source for both national and Houston speakers. Our Speakers Bureau will help you book the top keynote speaker, celebrity speaker, politician, inspiring sports star or celebrity athlete, business thought leader, motivational speaker or inspirational speaker for your corporate event, association, special event or conference. We, here at Pastorini- Bosby Speakers Bureau, located in Houston, Texas, have been providing experts, speakers and talent to meeting and corporate event planners for over 24 years. Our experienced speakers bureau staff look forward to helping you book the best speaker for your event. So, whether it is keynote speakers, motivational speakers and inspirational speakers, health and wellness experts, leadership in business speakers, the top economic speaker, celebrity speakers or entertainment for your corporate event, Pastorini-Bosby Speakers Bureau is standing by, ready to help you every step of the way. So, please give us a call, at 713-266-4488 or send an email office@pbtalent.com and let us help you book the best speaker for your event.
Image related to Gain access to multiple reputable, high-level speakers

Gain access to multiple reputable, high-level speakers

Image related to Receive expert advice to help you determine which speaker is right for your event

Receive expert advice to help you determine which speaker is right for your event

Image related to Save time—we only recommend speakers whose fees are within your budget and whose availability matches your event date

Save time—we only recommend speakers whose fees are within your budget and whose availability matches your event date

Image related to We make booking a speaker a headache-free experience.

We make booking a speaker a headache-free experience.

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What is a Speaker's Bureau?

A speaker's bureau is a staff of seasoned professionals who are skilled at helping you choose the perfect motivational speaker for your event. Using a speaker's bureau makes booking speakers a much easier process than attempting to contact speakers directly. It also helps you develop events that are typically far more successful than events developed without the kind of expertise a speaker's bureau can provide.
Choosing and booking a speaker is not as straightforward as most people think. Great event planners know success is a matter of collaboration between the event planner, the audience, and the motivational speaker. A speaker's bureau helps to ensure the speaker you ultimately choose will support your event objectives. A speaker's bureau has relationships with many speakers, so you don't have to waste time calling your way down a list only to hear, again and again, that speakers you were thinking about hiring are not available. You'll even tap into a network of top-notch speakers you'd never have found on your own, offering you more choices and options than you would have enjoyed on your own.

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Is there a minimum or maximum group size for your services?

Absolutely not. No audience is too big or too small. We are committed to supporting all kinds of events and can help you select a great fit for your event, whether it's a private gathering of 50, a charity function of hundreds, or an arena-sized convention of thousands of guests.

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How do I select a speaker?

Just call us and be ready to provide us with a series of salient details. First, we'll need to know your budget. There can be vast differences in speaker fees, and knowing how much you can afford to spend will help us begin pinpointing which speaker is going to be right for you.
Next, we want to know more about your audience. Who are they? What sorts of problems or decisions are they facing? A speaker who is perfect for convincing high school students to pursue a college education is going to be unsuitable if you're trying to give an audience of sales executives additional tools for expanding their territories. The speaker's style matters, too. Some events call for an energetic, playful, comedic style while others call for an intense, erudite delivery.
This brings us to your goals for launching this event. What do you want to teach or accomplish? What changes do you want members of your audience to make after they walk away from your event?
Finally, we need logistical details, like the date, time, and location of the event. This will ensure the speakers we recommend to you are available when you need them.
Based upon your answers we then provide you with a list of choices and suggestions. We'll also give you each speaker's marketing materials so you'll have all the information you need to make your final decision.


  • Dana A.
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    Date Published: 18 Feb, 2016

    PB Talent made it so easy!

    Booking speakers isn't a headache anymore.

    I used to try to reach out to speakers individually, without going through a speaker's bureau. Frankly, that turned event planning into a nightmare. PB Talent actually made the process fun for once. I'll be calling them from now on.

  • Adam S.
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    Date Published: 08 Mar, 2016

    My event was a huge success.

    I got a great speaker, without busting my budget.

    I love how PB Talent worked with me. They never pressured my company to spend more than we could afford to spend, and they provided me with a superior speaker at a fair price point.

What types of speakers does your speaker's bureau represent?

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  • March 8, 2016
    [Published by PB Talent Agency] Our speaker's bureau represents all kinds of personalities, each qualified to speak on a wide range of subjects. We have relationships with authors, politicians, sports stars, business leaders, inspirational speakers and thought leaders in several industries. You probably know the names of quite a few of the speakers we book on a regular basis.
    We offer speakers for every budget and can address a wide variety of topics, including addiction recovery, business success, cancer survival, finance, management, marketing, personal development, and more. If you've thought about hiring a speaker to cover it, chances are we know of someone who can do it. Contact us to learn more!
  • April 3, 2016
    [Published by PB Talent Agency] A speakers bureau is a connection point between skilled public speakers and the people who want to hire them. It facilitates and eases a process that can often be difficult and disappointing when attempted one one's own. When your business, school, church, non-profit, or other organization is looking for top speaking talent that fits your exact niche (as well as your budget), a professional speakers bureau is the first place you should turn to for help. The advantages of a speakers bureau are many and diverse, but they can be summarized into three main categories: Targeted talent picks: The best speakers bureaus will have a large, multifaceted talent pool and a skilled staff that can match every client with an ideally suited speaker. They can find a motivational, keynote, or other speaker whose life history, knowledge-base, and style fit your event. Logistical assistance: Hunting online or offline on your own for a speaker whose availability, accommodations and transport preferences, and contract details that are compatible with your needs is no easy task. Do it through a speakers bureau, and it's fast and simple. Safety and trust: It is hard to underestimate the value of dealing with a known, reputable company with which you can build on ongoing business relationship. Trust pays big dividends in the long-term.
  • May 3, 2016
    [Published by PB Talent Agency] Finding and securing a keynote speaker for your upcoming event can be a difficult task when you attempt to simply search and hire directly on your own. Using a reputable professional speakers bureau can take the risk and hassle out of your preparations. While there are many important benefits to hiring through a speakers bureau, three of the most important among them are:   Speed and simplicity: When you use a well-established speakers bureau, there is no need to spends hours, days, or even weeks looking for a speaker, for you will have quick access to a database of talent. The bureau's skilled staff will assist you in finding a speaker who matches your predetermined preferences. Trustworthiness: Constantly dealing with new organizations, or with new speakers not affiliated with any speakers bureau, exposes you to undue risks. Working through a speakers bureau virtually eliminates the possibility of being taking advantage of. It also ensures that all speakers you consider have been vetted for quality and training and that they will adhere to reasonable and fair business practices. Logistical support: The scheduling, travel and accommodation needs, and contractual details involved in working with top speaking talent can be quite involved. A speakers bureau handles all such logistical concerns for you, allowing you to focus your energies on other things.


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