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Who offers Spanish voice talent?

We can provide you with exceptional Spanish voice artists for your needs. Whether you are casting for a commercial, training video, radio spot or feature film, we have artists with experience in all facets of voice work.

Our voice over agents have spent years cultivating the relationships they have in the community and with our Spanish-speaking talent. We have some of the most experienced agents and talent available for voice casting. Regardless of the type or duration of the project, our professionals can recommend the perfect fit for your talent needs!

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

An absolute pleasure to work
Spanish Voice Talent
Written by: Tyra H
Date Published:2015-07-08

The Spanish voice talent I hired for my radio ad was extremely professional and courteous and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

Agency booked for me at the last minute
Impressed with the talent
Written by: John T
Date Published: 2015-06-11

I was particularly impressed with the talent that the agency booked for me at the last minute. They were both prompt and extremely professional.

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What are the advantages of hiring Spanish voice services?

The primary purpose and goal is the ability to communicate with your Spanish-speaking audience. But there are many advantages to hiring Spanish voice talents through a reputable agency overall.

According to an article featured on Voices.com;

The entertainment industry currently has a high demand for Spanish-speaking talent. According to Insitituto Hispania, Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million people around the world and serves as the official language for more than 21 countries on at least three different continents!

Not everyone appreciates the value of being able to communicate with a bilingual audience, so be sure and find a talent agency that does. The ability to communicate with a Spanish-speaking audience can be crucial to any project or production, depending upon what message you are hoping to get across and to what audience. Taking the extra step of casting a Spanish speaking voice talent can add depth and credibility to your project.

You’ll be able to reach a much larger audience with a bilingual voice artist, which could significantly impact the success of your campaign. Our professional talents have years of experience in voice over work and have been given high recommendations by all of the clients who have hired them. Not only are they experienced but our talent agents and artists are also extremely courteous and professional.

Which talent agencies offer Spanish voice talent services?

While many agencies do offer Spanish voice talent services, there are also many that do not. You will simply have to research agencies to find out which ones do and don’t provide this particular service.

There are a few agencies that specialize in casting Spanish voice artists, but your location will also largely determine the availability of agencies that you can utilize. For example, an agency in a largely Spanish-speaking part of the country is very likely to be much better equipped to provide bilingual voice talent than an agency in other parts of the country.

Keep in mind, when using Spanish voice casting services, that you will want to make sure the agency you are going to use is a reputable one.

The Process of Hiring a Professional Spanish or Bilingual Voice Talent Artist

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Spanish or bilingual voice artists are in high demand, and with Spanish language usage growing rapidly in the U.S., that demand is likely to trend upward for the foreseeable future. When searching for top Spanish voice talent, however, you need to know how to hire wisely.

Four tips to follow when looking for Spanish or bilingual voice artists are:

  1. Closely Define What You Are Looking For: Narrowing the search to a specific type of candidate is half the battle. Think out and write down exactly what you want. Do you need bilingual or just Spanish? Do you prefer a particular regional accent? Do you need someone with experience in commercials, movie dubbing, cartoons, or educational materials?
  2. Use a Top Spanish Voice Talent Agency: Working through an agency that provides a wide selection of experienced artists, that has a streamlined booking process in place, and that offers competitive rates will greatly improve your chances of success. 
  3. Conduct Truly Probing Voice Overs: Create a casting call with very specific information and give detailed instructions on how to read the scripts. Let artists know what you want as far as tone, rhythm, word stress, and timing.
  4. Communicate Clearly About the Contract: You, the artist, or the agency may have a standard contract type, but there are often adjustments. Double and triple check that contract length, rate, form, and timing of payment, and the kind of work involved are all mutually understood and agreed upon.

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