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Below are just suggestions. Before choosing an acting coach, you should visit with your agent for guidance on who might be best for you. If you do not have representation, contact the coaches directly, do your research and choose who would work best for you.


  • On Camera Workshop here in Houston with casting director Wendy Faraone September 23rd.  Click here for more info!
  • Comedy & Improv Workshop with Sara Gaston here in Houston on August 27th.  Click here for more info!
  • On-Going classes with Sara Gaston here in Houston!  Click here for more info!
  • On-Going Improv Classes/Workshops here in Houston at CSz!  Click here for more info!
  • On-Going Acting classes with Crystal Martinez here in Houston!  Click here for more info and discounts!
  • On-Going Acting Classes with Barbara Brinkley in Dallas! Click here for more info!
  • On-Going Demo Reel Workshop with Houston Filmmakers Arthur and Amelia Ornelas of Ricornel Productions!  Click here for more info!


Deke Anderson/Shelley Black
Ph: 310.722.8303

Mari Ferguson
Ph:  832-722-9069

John Lansch
Ph: 281.300.4613

Lee Stringer
Film Acting Academy
ph: 832-606-2438

Ricky Catter
Private Acting Coach
Ph. 832-865-3413

Mykle McCoslin
Reel Actors Studio

Brian Thornton

Long Road Film Company
*Audition Taping ONLY

Joe De la Fuente

Connie Cooper
Ph: 281.830.7294

Ruddy Cravens
Ph. 713.829.7890

Benji Cooksey
CSz Houston/ComedySportz
Ph: 713.868.1444

Sara Gaston
Coaching and Taping

Joy Kids Studio
Joy Saxton
Ph: 713-458-8553

Crystal Martinez
Ph: 713.492.8621
Classes Link

Next Actor Studio
Ph: 713-532-2867

Kim Tobin
Kim Tobin’s Acting Studio
Ph:  832-265-5931

David Rainey Acting Master Classes
Address: 1119 Providence St.
Houston TX. 77002
Ph: 562-502-7469


Kristine Canterbury
Email: (Please email to set up an appointment)
5322 W. Bellfort, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77035

Debbie Porter
Ph:  713-523-7344

Dan Carter Photography LLC
Ph: 281-586-9500

Jennifer Franco Photography
Ph: 281-222-1698

Arthur Garcia

Fabrizio Photography
Fabrizio Price List

Gabriella Nissen
Ph: 832.722.8572

Ruby Duncan
just RUBY photography


Claire McAdams
ph:(713) 304-9332

German Alexander
Ph: 818.332.6463

Gustavo Gomez
ph: (956) 771-6353



RicOrnel Productions
Actor Intros, Demos, Headshots & More


Photo Lab and Digital Imaging


Jim Conlan
Voice Over Demos & Coaching
Ph: 832.771.0901

John Swasey
Voice Over Demos & Coaching

Chuck Duran
Voice Over Demos

Jim Johnson
Dialect Coach

Sara Becker
Dialect Coach


Debbie Boily
Ph: 713-349-8135
More Info: Click Here

Tom McKinney

Abby Seible

  • What Makes a Good Commercial Voice?

    It is true that matching your commercial voice-over, aspect by aspect, to the job you are auditioning for will greatly increase your chances of success. There are, however, more general guidelines that apply to each and every audition, whether in person or via recording. Three of the most important of these basic guidelines that will help you in making a good commercial voice-over are as follows:

    1. Find the Best Balance as to Volume and Enunciation. In a voice-over, you will probably need to speak a little louder than in ordinary conversation and make extra efforts to enunciate clearly. However, do not over-compensate and end up sounding overly aggressive or a bit too robotic. Record yourself, review honestly, and strive for improvement.
    2. Use Appropriate Voice Inflection. Some voice-over "beginners" tend to end every phrase in an oddly rising tone that sounds like they are asking a question. Others may use a falling tone to the point of seeming monotone. A rising tone works well with a question or an exclamation. A falling tone fits with commands and authoritative statements. Make sure your tone matches your content throughout.
    3. Know Your Script Well. You want to familiarize yourself with the script before you ever attempt a voice-over. You can't afford to misstate technical terms, forget a whole sentence, or end up using filler words like "um." Since even well written scripts can be unnatural to speak at points, a "slightly edited version" may be fine, but don't wander farther than those auditioning you are comfortable with.

  • Top Occasions for Hiring a Christian Speaker and What to Expect

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  • January 3, 2016

    Published by PB Talent

    Spanish or bilingual voice artists are in high demand, and with Spanish language usage growing rapidly in the U.S., that demand is likely to trend upward for the foreseeable future. When searching for top Spanish voice talent, however, you need to know how to hire wisely.

    Four tips to follow when looking for Spanish or bilingual voice artists are:

    1. Closely Define What You Are Looking For: Narrowing the search to a specific type of candidate is half the battle. Think out and write down exactly what you want. Do you need bilingual or just Spanish? Do you prefer a particular regional accent? Do you need someone with experience in commercials, movie dubbing, cartoons, or educational materials?
    2. Use a Top Spanish Voice Talent Agency: Working through an agency that provides a wide selection of experienced artists, that has a streamlined booking process in place, and that offers competitive rates will greatly improve your chances of success.
    3. Conduct Truly Probing Voice Overs: Create a casting call with very specific information and give detailed instructions on how to read the scripts. Let artists know what you want as far as tone, rhythm, word stress, and timing.
    4. Communicate Clearly About the Contract: You, the artist, or the agency may have a standard contract type, but there are often adjustments. Double and triple check that contract length, rate, form, and timing of payment, and the kind of work involved are all mutually understood and agreed upon.



  • March 3, 2016

    Published by PB Talent

    When you’re gearing up to hold high-quality voice overs for an upcoming project, the process is made significantly easier simply by working with an experienced agent who has quick access to top voice talent of the very kind you are seeking. Here are a few simple tips to help you locate the perfect voice over agent, so you can keep your plans on schedule and on target:

    1. Work Through a Reputable Talent Agency: Top voice over agents are as eager to be found by you as you are to find them. For this reason, they will make themselves accessible at well-known talent agencies. Top talent agencies will strive to guard their reputations by connecting you with only the best agents.
    2. Check the Major Voice Talent Hubs: Major cities like Houston, L.A., and New York offer multiple talent providers, and it only makes sense to begin your search, whether online or offline, at these prominent “voice talent hubs.”
    3. Find Agents Through Talent and Vice Versa: As you listen to audition tapes and “order” specific talent types from the agency, you’ll likely meet the candidate’s agent in the process. You can then, when appropriate, ask the agent to find more talent for you.



  • March 8, 2016

    Our speaker’s bureau represents all kinds of personalities, each qualified to speak on a wide range of subjects. We have relationships with authors, politicians, sports stars, business leaders, inspirational speakers and thought leaders in several industries. You probably know the names of quite a few of the speakers we book on a regular basis.

    We offer speakers for every budget and can address a wide variety of topics, including addiction recovery, business success, cancer survival, finance, management, marketing, personal development, and more. If you’ve thought about hiring a speaker to cover it, chances are we know of someone who can do it. Contact us to learn more!

  • April 3, 2016

    A speakers bureau is a connection point between skilled public speakers and the people who want to hire them. It facilitates and eases a process that can often be difficult and disappointing when attempted one one’s own. When your business, school, church, non-profit, or other organization is looking for top speaking talent that fits your exact niche (as well as your budget), a professional speakers bureau is the first place you should turn to for help.

    The advantages of a speakers bureau are many and diverse, but they can be summarized into three main categories:

    Targeted talent picks: The best speakers bureaus will have a large, multifaceted talent pool and a skilled staff that can match every client with an ideally suited speaker. They can find a motivational, keynote, or other speaker whose life history, knowledge-base, and style fit your event.

    Logistical assistance: Hunting online or offline on your own for a speaker whose availability, accommodations and transport preferences, and contract details that are compatible with your needs is no easy task. Do it through a speakers bureau, and it’s fast and simple.

    Safety and trust: It is hard to underestimate the value of dealing with a known, reputable company with which you can build on ongoing business relationship. Trust pays big dividends in the long-term.

  • May 3, 2016

    Finding and securing a keynote speaker for your upcoming event can be a difficult task when you attempt to simply search and hire directly on your own. Using a reputable professional speakers bureau can take the risk and hassle out of your preparations. While there are many important benefits to hiring through a speakers bureau, three of the most important among them are:


    Speed and simplicity:

    When you use a well-established speakers bureau, there is no need to spends hours, days, or even weeks looking for a speaker, for you will have quick access to a database of talent. The bureau’s skilled staff will assist you in finding a speaker who matches your predetermined preferences.

    Constantly dealing with new organizations, or with new speakers not affiliated with any speakers bureau, exposes you to undue risks. Working through a speakers bureau virtually eliminates the possibility of being taking advantage of. It also ensures that all speakers you consider have been vetted for quality and training and that they will adhere to reasonable and fair business practices.
    Logistical support:

    The scheduling, travel and accommodation needs, and contractual details involved in working with top speaking talent can be quite involved. A speakers bureau handles all such logistical concerns for you, allowing you to focus your energies on other things.