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What are the advantages of hiring a medical speaker?

Experienced speaker Scott Steinberg explains the general purposes of a professional speaker for an event as:

  • Reinforcing event themes by “providing ‘keynote’ speeches that cement the tone and topic”
  • Influencing positive change and growth in event attendees
  • Encouraging support and cultivating enthusiasm for event topics or initiatives
  • Helping ensure and promote teamwork among group-oriented attendeesDemonstrating to audiences “how to overcome challenges and achieve peak performance” by providing “fresh insight and perspective”
  • Facilitating a desirable shift in mindset by giving audience members “actionable tools…to embrace professional transformations and personal growth”

Sometimes the draw of a speaker by name and reputation can be enough to meet a goal; other times you may need to see if the speaker would be willing to engage in additional activities. For example, a speaker may be willing to attend a private reception before or after the speaking engagement, which could go a very long way toward attaining the goal you have for your event.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

We were blown away by the cutting-edge
About cancer treatments
Written by: Bob G
Date Published: 2014-09-19

We were blown away by the cutting-edge information the speaker shared about cancer treatments at our conference — simply incredible! Thank you!

Pastorini-Bosby Talent

I would happily invite him
Learned So Much
Written by: Ariel F
Date Published: 2014-10-18

I learned so much from the nutritionist that spoke at our event, I would happily invite him back over and over again. Thanks, Pastorini-Bosby!

Image of medical speaker from pb talent

How much does it cost to hire a medical speaker?

When hiring a medical speaker, you’ll definitely want to employ the services of an agency with a reputable speakers bureau. Very often, these types of speakers will have very specific requirements about what they will and will not speak about and when they are available.

Can I watch a demo before hiring a medical speaker?

Many medical speakers, particularly highly experienced ones, will have videotaped examples of their speeches and appearances. Some medical speakers might have several different demo tapes available; or they may combine speeches and appearances and place them on one demo reel that can be requested.

When you contact our Speakers Bureau, we can provide you with these demo tapes so that you can get a better understanding of: how a speaker interacts with his or her audience, what his or her presentation style is, and how dynamic he or she is while delivering the target message. Along with being able to see firsthand what a speaker actually looks and sounds like during an event, when you order a demo, you can simultaneously request references for the speaker. You can then contact these references and ask how satisfied they were with the overall experience booking that speaker.


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