Katy Gray Jackson

Gender: Female
Age Range: Gen X (30's-40's)
Category:Out Of Market Women, All Women

Katy Gray Jackson has been diagnosed with MULTIPLE PERSONALITY TO ORDER-meaning her vocal creations range from light and bubbly, to sublimely sophisticated, to so warm and nurturing you’ll want to hug your mom. She brings to life exasperated-but-loving housewives, teenagers with attitude, countless colorful characters, and much more… Katy’s voice is heard locally, nationally, and internationally, and one of her favorite pastimes is creating new voices to add to her extensive range of characters. Her talents have been utilized bu clients as diverse as MetroPCS, Target, Mary Kay Cosmetics, US Magazine, Verizon, JC Penny, Texas Lottery, Methodist Health System, ACG Financial, and Cymbalta, just to name a few.

Katy lives to be heard (and she has a cute butt). Put her team of personalities to work for you.


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Corporate & Narration

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Commercial, Corporate & Narration, Character/Anime, Political, Automotive

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