Elizabeth Vargas

In conjunction with her just-released memoir, Elizabeth Vargas candidly recounts on stage her experiences with anxiety and alcohol addiction – and sheds light on how a high-functioning, professionally successful, and by her own account “very lucky” person could suffer from, and for many years conceal, this condition. Elizabeth pulls no punches in sharing her painful and humbling recovery story. Anyone who’s been affected by addiction will come away deeply moved – and inspired – by Elizabeth’s at once unique and all too common story.

Elizabeth Vargas is also an acclaimed journalist who, through grit, passion, and hard work, rose to the top of an intensely competitive and male-dominated field. At the podium, she also discusses her career trajectory and how she got to where she is today. Replete with behind the scenes anecdotes and extraordinary stories from her time reporting at home and abroad, Elizabeth’s honesty, grace, wisdom, and wit leave a lasting impression on audiences of all kinds.

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Ttile: Award Winning ABC News Anchor and Correspondent
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