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The Importance of an Agent by Mia Allen

Great article in the last issue of Louisiana Film & Video Magazine.

Congrats to PB's Raiya Goodman on her outstanding Under Armour commercial!

Congratulations to PB's Raiya Goodman! She recorded the voice-over for the new Under Armour spot with Misty Copeland! Check out the NY Times article below!

PB Talent's Deke Anderson has been nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Feature Film for Flashes!

Congratulations to PB Talent's Deke Anderson on his nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Feature Film for Flashes! Flashes is up for Best Feature Film at the Action on Films International Film Festival in Los Angeles. Over 2300 films entered, only 450 were accepted. Check out Deke in the film below!

Diversifying the Airwaves: The Importance of Reaching Audiences with Spanish Voice Talent

Posted by Cindi Davis

As virtually all Americans know, the US is a great melting pot, a country where many cultures and ethnicities meld together to form the human race. Because of this, our linguistics are as varied as our food: English is far from the only language of the American people. With foreign languages becoming a commonality in pretty much all fifty states, the airwaves need to be diversified; to advertise your product only in English is to miss out on a lot of potential customers and sales. Spanish voice talent is one of the fastest growing, on-demand niche marketplace.
Spanish Speakers in the US
Nearly 38 million people in the US speak Spanish at home. Not only is this a huge number, but it's also a huge jump from the 1980 US Census. During that time, only 11 million people were Spanish speakers. In other words, using Spanish has tripled in the US over the past thirty or so years and it continues to rise. In fact, out of the 61 million people in who US who speak a language other than English, Spanish-speakers account for two-thirds. The demand for Spanish voice talent is bound to increase as the population shifts.
Advertising Through Radio
What this all boils down to is that the Hispanic population is growing and growing quickly. This propels them into a target and coveted demographic: if you want to sell your products, you must reach the masses. This is especially true for people who are selling products that cater to the younger generations as the Hispanic population is growing particularly fast in more youthful demographics. Radio is the perfect medium for reaching them.
In the age of CDs, MP3's, and iPods, it may seem as if radio has lost its allure, but it's proven over and over again to have staying power. A Nielsen report released last year found that 90 percent of Americans listen to the radio. Those who are African American and Hispanic were the biggest consumers of the AM/FM airwaves.
But, of course, it's not just radio that advertisers should be concerned with: Spanish speakers are also big consumers of cinema and television. Diversifying these mediums as well as radio is an important step to take in order to reach as many people as possible.
Advertising in Spanish doesn't necessarily mean missing out on English-speaking customers; more and more of the population is becoming bilingual. Younger people are more likely to be bilingual and the most common language to learn (other than English) is Spanish.
What is Spanish Voice Talent?
The Spanish voice talent industry is essentially exactly as it sounds: it's made up of people fluent in Spanish who provide voice-over work for several different mediums, including radio, television, and cinema. The voice actors of Pastorini-Bosby Talent can do commercials, soap operas, films, and animated cartoons. They can also do live events, such as conventions, seminars, or hosting. The talent agency has an impressive line-up of Spanish speaking actors of all ages including men, women, teenagers, and children.

Medical Speakers Provide Inspiration and Motivation to Audiences Everywhere

Posted by Cindi Davis

If your hospital, medical center, medical school graduates or support group need inspiration at your next gathering, you'd be wise to select a proven speaker within the medical or health field from Pastorini-Bosby Talent. This agency, in business for 25 years, is the premier choice for all the most well-known celebrities, as well health and wellness professionals, who can inspire a crowd with their message. Consider hiring a motivational medical speaker for an inspiring message that can be shared at a private or corporate event.

Spreading a Message of Hope

When you enlist a celebrity, well-known doctor or cancer survivor to speak to your audience, you put forth a certain level of trustworthiness, approachability, and relatability. The best speakers can command a room within 10 seconds, gain control of an audience's emotions within 30 seconds and make everyone stand up and ask for more just by telling a good story. A motivational medical speaker can also give your audience an arsenal of tools to bring about action and change.

On the Roster

Pastorini-Bosby specializes in guiding clients just like to you the top keynote, motivational, inspirational speakers, celebrity and medical professional speakers in the industry today. Ideal for hospital events, conferences and trade shows, health and wellness speakers are in demand. Dr. Mehmet Oz -- a popular TV talk show host, best-selling author and award-winning heart surgeon -- is available for a variety of appearances, endorsements and speaking engagements to the medical community. With an approach that combines traditional Western techniques with alternative ideas about how to live a healthy life, Dr. Oz inspires good wellness choices in his audience through inspiring, engaging speeches.

Dr. Paul Brenner is a doctor and a cancer survivor, so he is in a unique position to speak on both sides of the medical profession -- as a patient and as a healthcare provider. Available for meet and greets, keynote speeches and corporate appearances, Dr. Brenner is an author, physician and counseling psychologist who travels all over the world inspiring audiences on the psychology behind health and illness.

Jillian Michaels, a leading health and wellness expert, is popular for her TV show that pits her as trainer and life coach on The Biggest Loser and Losing It With Jillian. As a personal trainer for 19 years, Michaels brings empowerment to her audiences both in person and in print, thanks to her best-selling books on health, wellness and physical fitness.

Book with PB Speakers

Book your next speaker through PB Talent's sister site PB Speakers in order to get access to the top-talent in the country. On their website, you can easily search by name, fee range or category to find the speaker you want for the price you can afford. There are many fee ranges, professionalism rankings and experience levels to choose from, making it easier than ever to pinpoint the inspirational medical speaker you need for your target audience.

PB Talent handles all the details from beginning to end, from celebrity riders and travel schedules to contracts and conference calls. Get the best of the best, and be sure to get your message of hope and inspiration through to your audience via a speaker who is engaging and heart warming.

Professional Makeup Artists in Houston

Posted by Cindi Davis

Finding the right make up artist can be a challenge, especially when you are unfamiliar with the area or not sure where to start looking. Handy in a wide variety of settings, professional makeup artists can help with more than just entertainment venues. When we hear the term 'make up artist', the first thing that usually comes to mind are behind the scenes settings of movies and films, but these professionals make their mark in photography settings, theater productions, wedding celebrations and much more. Pastorini-Bosby Talent offers the very best in make up artistry, and is a great place to start the search for the right fit for nearly any occasion.

The Special Day

Weddings are a big deal, and on that special day, it is paramount that every little detail, including the bridal makeup be absolutely perfect. For many women, the makeup is just as much a part of the pre-wedding ritual as the hair and the gown, and making sure every detail falls into place is priority. Makeup artists are often consulted and contracted for brides and bridesmaids on that special day. Able to play up the features, professional makeup artists know what colors to use, which enhancements to incorporate. They also know just the right kind of embellishments to use, if any are desired or needed. Rather than deal with their own makeup and risk ruining the purity of the wedding gown, many brides opt to bring someone in for a little extra pampering on their big day.

Theater Makeup

While there are many who categorize movie and theater makeup in the same group, there are some major differences between the two. Theater makeup is often more exaggerated, and must be seen from a great distance. PB Talent offers professional artists skilled in the knowledge of how to play up the right features for different parts. Not only are they able to enhance facial lines for stages, they are also able to create makeup for animal characters, monsters and more. Without a professional at the helm of costume and make up, enhancements for theater productions can be a great challenge. Makeup has the ability to make or break a production.

Film Makeup

It takes a great deal of effort to look as good as celebrities, and makeup artists know all the ins and outs of the beauty secrets. Under the camera lights, regular makeup can melt, run, and is easily smudged. Professional artists are well versed in stage make up, both regular and enhanced. As with theater makeup, there is sometimes a need for a little something extra. A prominent facial scar, a bloody fight scene, or even paranormal effects. It takes a great deal of time and effort to transform someone into a werewolf, for example, and PB Talent offers make up artists willing and able to do the job.

Whether that big Houston wedding needs that extra special touch, or your big musical production requires a little extra handling, hiring the right makeup artist can make the end result that much more believable, special and memorable. Take some of the stress away from the job and find the right fit for your movie, photo shoot, special effects run, and more.

Different Types of Motivational and Inspirational Speakers

Posted by Cindi Davis

When you're on the hunt for someone to motivate your audience, or you find yourself in need of an inspirational speaker for a college graduation, corporate convention, or private function, consider Houston-based Pastorini-Bosby Talent who represents some of the most notable speakers available on the circuit today. The most successful and memorable speakers are those with wide, public recognition, a compelling story, and motivational speaking experience to pull off a genuine, heart-felt interaction that will move the audience to action.
Choosing the Right Genre
When searching for a motivational speaker, it's important to match the right genre with your specific audience. Having a wide pool of talent from which to choose certainly helps. PB Talent, in this business for nearly 25 years, has many inspirational speakers on offer from a variety of genres, including sports and fitness, religion, politics, technology, health and wellness, business, diversity, and even home and garden.
The Speakers Bureau available alongside PB Talent can connect you with the right keynote speaker, celebrity speaker, politician, sports star or business thought leader for your event. Based in Houston, Texas, this full-service talent agency can hook you up with whatever kind of speaker you need, whether child actor, cancer survivor, sports player, musician, author, comedian or religious leader. The benefits to motivational speakers are two fold; not only does the speaker encourage others to aspire to new heights in their professional and personal lives, they too take something away in terms of a positive reinforcement and outlook on life.
Access to Variety of Speakers
When you choose an inspirational or motivational speaker for your event, you have a wide variety of speakers to choose from as well, also available in a range of prices. Looking for a motivational sports speaker for your team? Consider retired quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Archie Mann, former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Bill Parcels, or Hall of Fame Guard for the Philadelphia 76ers, Julius Erving.
If you're hunting for political speakers, comedian and political commentator, Dennis Miller, is available. If you'd rather hear from 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney, or former member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Matthew Slaughter, PB Talent also represents them. For celebrity endorsements, consider comedian, Bill Cosby, or actors, Matthew McConaughey, Whoopi Goldberg, and William Shatner. For those looking to inspire cancer support groups and survivors, consider two-time cancer survivor and MLB player, Darryl Strawberry, Saturday Night Live alumni and cancer survivor, Julia Sweeney, or actress and cancer survivor, Suzanne Somers.
Drill Down Your Search
Within certain categories, you can further refine your search to find exactly the right speaker for your occasion. PB Talent's-and their sister-site PB Speakers'-website makes it easy to search for the speaker you want. Search by category, name, description, and fee range. Under each inspirational or motivational speaker's name, you'll see a bio which includes information on the person, with highlights of their career, photo and what types of speaking engagements they're available for. Some fit into a variety of categories, such as health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels, who is available for speaking engagements, corporate appearances, autograph signings, product endorsements, meet and greets, and keynote speeches.
Enlisting the help of PB Talent and PB Speakers can narrow down your search for an experienced, proven, reputable speaker for a variety of private or public engagements.

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Congrats to PB Talent's Dave Maldonado for booking Lifetime's "Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs!"

Don't miss PB Talent's Dave Maldonado on Lifetime's "Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs" THIS Saturday at 8/7c!

The Importance of Developing Your Executive Presence and How to Apply It to a Business Meeting

Posted by Cindi Davis

Executive presence is a phrase often used in the business world. People know it when they see it but are less often able to define or analyze it. Those with executive presence exude gravitas, which implies decisiveness, self-confidence and poise. Much of executive presence is in people's perception of those who have it, yet the quality goes far beyond outward appearance. Here are some of the key aspects of executive presence.
In tough situations, it is easy to lose your temper or become negative, but those with executive presence overcome these impulses and continually project an air of confidence. It is imperative to be able to control your emotions and manage your responses to difficult situations. The business world is often volatile, but if you have executive presence you are like a port in a storm. People are drawn to you because you project a safe environment along with a powerful presence.
Those with executive presence know how to communicate well. You know exactly what to say and know how to communicate it to others. Whether in a business meeting or in one-to-one interactions, people with executive presence understand the value of good communication. They are excellent public speakers because they know how to relate to an audience. They display clarity and conciseness and avoid extraneous language. They connect with listeners, make it clear that they are important, take the time to ask questions and genuinely care about the answers. They can read an audience and use feedback to meet the needs of the listeners.
Though executive presence is much more than mere outward appearance, those who have the quality understand that appearance is important. Their skin, hair, teeth and nails look clean. Unkempt or inappropriate attire is distracting, but those with executive presence have clothing that is clean, pressed and suitable for the occasion. Looking good every day helps them see themselves, and others see them, as people who take their professional roles seriously.
A major part of charisma is existing in the moment and manifesting great interest in those around you. Those with executive presence create and control a moment by living in it rather than dwelling on the past or future. When you are communicating either with an audience or an individual, people understand that you are only focused on them, and not distracted by something else. This makes those around you believe that their problems and what they have to say truly matter to you. Part of this assurance comes from having done your homework, knowing the answers and being passionate about your field.
Executive presence is an important personal asset and a necessary part of the leadership skills of the management of a company. The good news is that executive presence is learnable. PB Talent is able to find a coach to work with you step by step to develop your executive presence. If you desire to have more executive presence, do not view your shortcomings with passivity. Instead, get help to overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, so that your executive presence propels you to increased relevance, importance, value and responsibility.

Answering the Call: Becoming a Christian Speaker

Posted by Cindi Davis

If you're looking to engage, inspire, and motivate audiences with the word of God, you want a Christian speaker. The work of a Christian speaker may be best paraphrased by John 17:21, the goal is for all of them to become one heart and mind. Just as you, Father, are in me and I in you, so they might be one heart and mind with us. Helping to motivate people to deal with some of life's most difficult trials, Christian speakers provide valuable mentorship for believers from all walks of life.

Empowered with the ability to sway large audiences to consider the Christian viewpoint for the betterment of their lives, Christian speakers can be a boon for entire communities as they help inspire people to find the strength to handle the trials and challenges of their lives. As they help guide the lives of their listeners in a positive direction, for many people, becoming a Christian speaker is not merely a profession, but also a calling.

Becoming a Christian Speaker

For many people, public speaking is one of the most difficult and frighting things in the world. If you want to become a Christian speaker, you should begin by honing your abilities as a public speaker. Consider taking speaking courses, regularly practicing speaking in front of audiences, and learning to both listen and learn from your experiences speaking. You need to be comfortable and even excited to speak in front of large groups, because infectious enthusiasm is one of the most important qualities an inspirational speaker can have.

You also need to have your own message. The right topic for your presentation is usually something that's personally important to you, because it's difficult to motivate others if you don't care about the things you're talking about. The range of available topics is virtually limitless, and might include helping people to be successful in their workplace, teaching them to have more fulfilling relationships, or simply how to improve the listener's relationship with the Lord.

It's equally important to speak within your own personal experience and comfort zone. That means you should develop an understanding of scripture that is second to none. Relating the good word to your own personal experiences will make your message personable and more likely to be well received. Set out to study passages that are relevant to the message you want to convey and the audience you're speaking to, and write a 20 minute script to cover a handful of different points from those passages. Once you've got a presentation prepared, you can practice your speaking in private and with your family.

In the final stage of becoming a Christian speaker, you'll need to promote yourself. This means creating a plan to market yourself, which might include brochures, postcards, and getting your name across the Internet. One good place to begin is speaking with your pastor about meeting with your congregation for an opportunity to present your ideas. Following your presentation, hand out business cards, and visit with other local churches in your area to arrange more opportunities to speak.

Help Spreading the Good Word

If you're a Christian speaker looking to find more venues to spread your ideas, or you're holding an event and would like an experienced Christian speaker to help motivate and inspire your audience, PB Talent is one of the best sources for Christian talent in the world. If you're looking to book talent for an event, you can find knowledgeable Christian speakers who understand exactly how to help people apply their faith to their lives. And if you're a Christian speaker looking to reach out to new audiences, PB Talent can help you spread the good word by connecting you with organizations that have audiences eager to hear what you have to say.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Medical Speaker

Posted by Cindi Davis

With health and well-being at the forefront of so many people's minds, it's important to tap into that potential and use it for inspirational purposes. At Pastorini-Bosby Talent, we have a variety of medical speakers to choose from, whether you're looking for a cardiologist to speak about heart disease or a cancer survivor to speak about how she got through her darkest days of treatment. Living a healthy life isn't always easy. Many of us need a gentle push in the right direction. PB Talent can provide that.
How Medical Speakers Can Help
Hearing inspirational stories from experts like doctors and everyday folks just like you can spur you on to become something better and adopt the right attitude. Having hope for the future is a key ingredient in staying healthy and having a bright outlook on life. PB Talent's qualified medical speakers can talk at your event about a variety of health-related topics, from cardiology to cancer. They offer professional, experienced insight into their specialty and can pass on that knowledge to those in the same field.
Similarly, other medical speakers include people who have gone through debilitating diseases and have come out the other side better off for it and much stronger as a person. Provide hope to your audience so they can be inspired to learn more about the medical issue at hand. Target a medical speaker that most closely aligns with the goals and issues facing your audience. Make sure he or she can connect with your audience on a personal level, bringing something intangible yet vital to the interaction. At the heart of every motivational speaker is a story about achievement or endurance.
Types of Medical Speakers
One of the biggest topics in need of a medical speaker today is cancer. So many people have fought this disease and won. Whether everyday folks or famous celebrities and sports stars, your audience can certainly benefit from the inspirational talks these people can give. These sessions are not only informational but also life-saving, prompting others to take action. Other medical topics you can choose from include women's health, stress management, fitness and alternative medicine.
Overall, medical speakers have the power to inspire others to live well and consider each day as a gift. If our speakers can encourage just one person in the audience to seek help or improve their lives in some way, they've done their job. The boost in morale alone is a positive element to our services.
What PB Talent Does for You
Browsing our website should give you all the details you need for finding and booking talent, but we're happy to chat with you over the phone to help you narrow down your choices for a medical speaker in your price range. From full biographies and photos to costs and fees, you can easily find what you're looking for here. With more than 20 years of experience under our belts, we know what it takes to make our clients happy.
Focus on the talent agency that has a solid reputation in the industry and that never lets you down, whether you need a speaker for hospital employees or a large corporate convention. And don't forget, we employ lots of other kinds of speakers, such as religious, humorous, diversity, motivational and inspirational. We thoroughly background check all our speakers to guarantee their 100 percent legitimacy and effectiveness. We're an experienced and licensed firm with a national reputation for excellence. Book one of our top-notch medical speaking engagements today that matches your budget and that you can trust.

Professional Poise: Voice Casting for Corporate Audio

Posted by Cindi Davis

The key to spreading awareness about your own business is having a strong voice that represents the ideals and values that you and your employees attempt to espouse on a daily basis. And in order to share that voice with the rest of the world, as well as with the rest of the company, you need a strong audio presence to carry your intentions with the voice casting of a human being, through corporate films in the office, to business commercials on TV.
But instead of taking your employees away from their tasks to spend precious time working on an audio project, you should instead leave it to us at PB Talent. We have an extensive array of actors with a multitude of talents, and they are ready to help infuse their own voice casting into your corporate audio project to take your business to a whole new level.
The Importance of Corporate Audio
It may seem convenient to avoid taking on an at-home corporate audio project in favor of a few screenshots and a text presentation that you can walk through at your own pace. And it might also sound simpler to take out an ad in the newspaper instead of filling your own commercial slot on television.
But while this may save you time today, it certainly won't instill excitement in the workers of the office, and may cause you to lose potential customers who either aren't aware of your company's existence, or would rather give their business to an organization that carries passion in its voice.
A skilled voice actor from PB Talent could help you turn your business around today though. By utilizing their voice and acting skills, you can work together to create a corporate film or a business commercial that is exactly what you need.
Our Voice is Our Business
If you own your business, or if you have poured years of your life to get where you are today, then you most likely want to help take steps to ensure the long-term success of your company.
For us, our voice is our business. And just like you, we take our business very seriously; we have 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and we are represented by a large cast of actors with a wide range of abilities and talents. We can supply you with voice actors that can match the mood and meet the standards of any project you may envision.
We also believe that you should never be afraid to take on your own do-it-yourself corporate video project, and it is always a good idea to ask for a bit of help along the way. If you have the perfect idea for a business commercial or a corporate film, but just can't seem to find the talent to turn your dream into a reality, just call us. We can provide you with the right actor for the project you have in mind.
Contact PB Talent Today
A great film project can help you get your business name out to the rest of the world, or even strengthen its image within your own ranks. And if you want to make something you're proud of, contact us at PB Talent and let us begin today.

Famous Celebrity Voices Behind the Commercials

Posted by Cindi Davis

One evening at home, watching a commercial on television or listening on the radio on your drive to work, the voice you hear sounds vaguely familiar and catches your attention. You can't quite place the voice but you know that someone famous is behind those words you are hearing. More than likely you are right and with a bit of research, or memory searching, you may discover it was actor Jeff Daniels doing the commercial voice-overs for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.
Many companies use the talent of famous actors and actresses, both current and past, to help promote their products and services. Here is a list of few companies and the talent that was hired to lend commercial voices to their recent ad campaigns.
Allison Janney for Kaiser-Permanente
Allison Janney has appeared in many great movies and television shows over the past several decades. From her noticeable role as the wife to Chris Cooper's domineering dad in American Beauty to her 8 year run as press secretary and chief of staff C.J. Cregg on The West Wing (which garnered her 4 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Actress/Supporting Actress), Allison has been a consistent performer who has brought life to every role she has played. After graduating from Kenyon College in Ohio, she was encouraged to pursue acting after being staged in a production by the legendary couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.
Although currently appearing in the CBS television show "Mom," Allison has had time to lend her voice and talents as a spokesperson for Kaiser-Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic. Her radio spots, which are heard throughout the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, touts the award winning service provided by the healthcare provider. She is however no stranger to doing voice over work as she provided the words to the character "Peach" in Finding Nemo.
John Corbett for Walgreens
Before he told you that you can find Deerfield, Illinois-based Walgreens "at the corner of happy and healthy," actor John Corbett paid his dues by honing his craft in earlier work such as the television show Northern Exposure. The 53 year-old West Virginian is best known as the boyfriend of Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex in the City franchise and as the love interest and eventual husband Ian to Nia Vardalos's Toula in the Academy Award nominated My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Lisa Kudrow for Dannon Yoplait
A former Friend, Lisa Kudrow, was there for Dannon's Yoplait with a series of commercial voice-overs in 2013. Kudrow has been quite busy since the end of her role as Phoebe, most recently completing a 4 episode arc on the hit series Scandal on ABC as presidential candidate Josephine Marcus. Kudrow also produces and stars in an ongoing web series called Web Therapy where she plays arguably the world's worse therapist, Fiona Wallice. Kudrow's brief run as a Dannon spokesperson has not at all supplanted that of Jamie Lee Curtis, who was recently replaced by a trio of famous faces for Activia – Laila Ali, Reba McEntire, and Dr. Travis Stork of The Bachelor.
If you are looking to find professional talent that appeals to your specific target audience or demographic, consider the talent managed by PB Talent. The Houston-based talent management firm has been in the business of representing top talent for over twenty years and may be the solution for your advertising needs.

Hiring a Political Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event

Posted by Cindi Davis

A motivational speaker can help to motivate your employees or clients, boost productivity, encourage sales, and lead your company down the road to success and victory. One of the best subgroups of motivational speakers are political speakers, who incorporate true stories of success and struggle in their speeches. If you're in need of a political speaker for you next corporate meeting or executive summit, Pastorini-Bosby Talent can help. 
The Benefits of a Political Speaker
Hiring a political speaker for your corporate event offers many benefits. Trained in the power of persuasion and the ability to transform public opinion, a political speaker will be one of the most skilled motivational speakers you ever recruit. Accomplished in delivering successful speeches that can change audience members' minds and attitudes, a political speaker can be an effective tool in promoting corporate ideas, needs, or goals all while providing internal motivation for your audience as well. Additionally, because political speakers come from all walks of life, the right political speaker can provide a model for nearly anything in life, be it women's rights, law, race relations, equality, religion, or liberal or conservative ideologies.
The Best Political Speakers
At PB Talent, you can choose from our roster of famed and talented political speakers, which include:
Alan Krueger: Former Chairman to the White House Council of Economic Advisors, Alan Krueger is one of the most highly sought after political speakers available. Frequently speaking on healthcare, jobs, and the economy, Krueger utilizes a combination of humor and charisma when delivering his speeches.
Dick Morris: Well-known political commentator for Fox News and author Dick Morris is a much-loved political speaker. A famous political consultant, campaign manager, website founder, chief strategist, and nonpartisan analyst, Morris is a well-informed and highly experienced speechmaker.
Marlo Thomas: If you're looking for a political speaker that has experience in more than politics, a woman like Marlo Thomas is the speaker for you. In addition to being a political and social activist, Thomas is an Emmy Award winning actress, best selling author, and outreach director for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. A speaker who can address an audience on everything from reaching success despite obstacles, women's achievement, sexual exploitation and domestic violence, and juggling a busy lifestyle, Marlo Thomas is truly a woman with many talents.
In addition to the three speakers mentioned above, PB Talent also works with political speakers such as Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Jane Fonda, Steve Ford, Ben Stein, and Jon Stewart.
Hire Your Political Speaker Today
No matter the type of corporate event that you're hosting—be it a seminar, conference, meeting, trade show, networking event, executive retreat, or even a theme party—a political speaker can set the perfect tone. Additionally, a political speaker can help to drive home your company's message and goals, motivate your employees or audience, and reinvigorate your audience with your corporation's values.
To hire your political speaker today, contact PB Talent, who can provide you with more information about which political speaker is right for your event, give you more information about pricing, and guide you through all of your booking needs.

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Do You Need a Highly Skilled Makeup Artist in Houston?

Posted by Cindi Davis

If you are a person who is involved in the Houston, Texas entertainment field and need the skills of a professional makeup artist, you should look to the professionals at PB Talent. Whether you are involved in television, visual media, stage or other entertainment pursuits, the advantages and benefits of using a professional makeup artist in Houston may be the difference between being discovered and having a low-key career.

If you have never considered the benefits of using a professional makeup artist in Houston, you should ask yourself what type of career boost a professional makeup artist can give you and why the talent experts at PB Talent are the ones to look to for your Houston professional makeup needs.

Why Use a Highly Skilled Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists provide professional stage actors and actresses, models, film talent and others who spend time in front of a camera or audience with the right look. They add dimension, life and character to your face, highlighting the prominent and distinguished characteristics while diminishing any perceived flaws. A highly skilled makeup artist can help you look your best when performing or being photographed.

Being engaged as a corporate spokesperson, television personality, commercial performer or model on the local Houston stage, you may have considered that doing your own makeup has proven difficult and inadequate. It is time to put down your makeup kits and rely on the expertise of a professional makeup artist in order to increase the potential of your appearance. 

What Does a Professional Makeup Artist Give You?  

A professional makeup artist has the talent and experience to understand what look you are trying to achieve relevant to the type of performance you want to give. Different types of stage and performance opportunities call for different types of makeup applications. Professional makeup artists, like the ones employed by PB Talent, understand this and can work with you personally to help you achieve the perfect look.

Why Consider PB Talent for your Professional Makeup Needs?  

Whether your big day is front of the hot lights and camera of the local theater or saying "I do" in front of your friends and family on your wedding day, PB Talent offers the right makeup artist for your needs. The artists are not only licensed and certified in the State of Texas, but work with union and non-union talent as well as everyday people who want that something extra for their makeup needs.

Your next performance or event that requires you to look your best should be highlighted by the experienced makeup artists associated with PB Talent. You owe it to yourself, your career or your special occasion to put on the best face possible, so onsider what a professional makeup artist can do for you.

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How Do I Know Which Agencies Will Find Me The Top Talent?

Posted by Cindi Davis

What makes Pastorini-Bosby Talent a leading agency for finding top talent from a variety of industries? PB Talent is a one-stop shop and a full-service agency that has been providing all sorts of talent for more than twenty years.

What Type of Talent Can I Find At PB Talent?

PB Talent is truly a top talent agency. PB Talent professionals can supply talent for any need, including:

  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Narrators
  • Spokespersons
  • Voice Talent
  • Convention and Tradeshow Hosts
  • Moderators
  • Models
  • Makeup Artists and Stylists

No matter what type of talent a client needs, PB Talent can provide quality representatives who will provide the solution to any talent requirements. While most people think of talent agencies as providers of entertainment talent, PB Talent hires talent for all types of purposes. Some of the industries that utilize PB Talent's array of candidates are:

Film, Television and Commercials

PB Talent has placed actors and actresses in all areas of film and television. For clients who are filming extended shows or movies, PB Talent can provide any type of character actors necessary. PB Talent has actors and actresses of every age and type available for commercial work. Whether the role calls for a cute baby or a sweet grandmother, PB Talent can find the right actor or actress for the part.

Industrial Videos

Companies looking for an actor or actress of a particular type for an industrial or corporate training video need look no further than PB Talent. The wide array of actors and actresses of every description on the company's roster means that any video role can be easily filled.


Many commercials, videos and other productions do not need visual talent. Instead, they need a particular type of voice. Some clients have very stringent requirements for age, tone and pitch of voice for voiceover work. PB Talent is ready to help those who need voiceover talent of any type find the actors or actresses they seek.


Teambuilding exercises are incorporated by many companies today to help employees understand the power of working together. PB Talent can provide teambuilding exercise leaders or talent to speak to groups or provide entertainment.

Entertainment and Speakers

Many groups simply want an entertaining speaker who can talk to them about a particular topic. Professional speakers and entertainers on every topic imaginable are easy to find when a company or group turns to PB Talent. Whether a group wants a serious talk on a particular subject or an "in character" speaker, PB Talent can provide the right person for the job.

Makeup Artists and Stylists

PB Talent provides quality, professional makeup artists and stylists for any production, private function or other need. PB Talent professionals can help with special effects makeup or simply make a bride look beautiful on her special day.

PB Talent is ready to help anyone find talent to fill a multitude of roles. Contact PB Talent today to find out how easy it is to find the right individual for any production or need.Bookmark and Share

Finding the Right Commercial Voice for Your Brand

Posted by Cindi Davis

Whether you are considering a small radio spot or a complete series of television commercials, choosing the right commercial voice for your brand is critical. In fact, the voice you choose for your commercial work could easily determine whether consumers trust and like your brand or company, or whether they are turned away. 

If you need examples of famous voices that are connected with particular products, think of your favorite commercial. National companies are always seeking well-known commercial voice actors and actresses to voice their commercials because they know that consumers will identify with that particular commercial voice and, in turn, with their product.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent can help you find the perfect voice for your next commercial. Our actors and actresses can provide quality voice work for your next commercial, lending the right tone to help you sell your product.

Not Just the Voice but the Vibe

While it is important to some companies to secure popular actors and actresses, it is more important to have the right voice or vibe for a particular commercial. When you secure voice talent, you must match the type of voice you choose to the product. 

You may not want a child's voice on a commercial for a financial product. That might send the wrong message, whereas a professional tone might encourage people to trust a bank or insurance agency. On the other hand, you do not want someone who is too serious to voice over a commercial for a young, vibrant clothing store. It is important that your audience identify with the speaker, and that is not likely to happen if the voice-over actor is someone who is out of touch with the target market. 

How Can PB Talent Help Me Find The Right Voice?

At PB Talent, we not only have years of helping businesses choose the right voice-over actors for their commercials but we also have access to an incredible range of talent. 

We represent men and women, adults and children with a wide variety of sounds. We represent individuals with various accents that can appeal to your target audience, as well. Regardless of what you are selling, PB Talent offers you a way to find the right voice for your product.

PB Talent also offers services to clients that allow them to easily audition voice talent. Whether a company wants to do its own voice casting or allow PB Talent to control the auditions, we will find the right actor or actress to represent your product. We can make voice demo tapes right in our offices that you can then play for your company's directors, or we can have actors or actresses call or speak to you in person. However you choose to handle finding your voice talent, PB Talent will work with you to secure the perfect commercial voice talent.

With more than 20 years of experience in finding great talent for every job, PB Talent is ready to help you find the voice of your brand and increase customer engagement with your products by choosing the right voice-over actor or actress for your next commercial.

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Breaking in to the International Entertainment Market with Spanish Voice Talent

Posted by Cindi Davis

In our modern global economy, consumers around the world are exposed to a huge variety of marketing messages with equally great variability in language. Although English is one of the most popular languages globally for business needs, the international market is competitive to the point that marketing to international audiences usually requires the use of bilingual advertising and most often, Spanish voice talent.

This is particularly true if you’re trying to break into the large Spanish-speaking market, where the last thing you need is a lukewarm advertising campaign to cripple your campaign. Speaking from a purely practical standpoint, having the right voice allows your ads to reach significantly larger audiences. But there are several more substantial reasons to choose Spanish voice talent. After all, just because a person speaks English doesn’t mean it’s the optimal language for marketing to them.

Bilingual Advertising Research

According to one study from the University of Wisconsin, the competitive edge of using a customer’s local language originates from a cognitive duality that occurs in bilingual speakers. Among their findings, the study discovered that the quality of recall for marketing messages made in a second language were remarkably worse than messages received in a native language. Although this effect isn’t well understood, it’s believed to be because it requires more cognitive effort to compute information in a second language, leaving fewer mental resources for retention of the actual message.

According to a similar study from the University of Chicago, messages that are expressed in our native language are the most effective for creating an emotional reaction in the listener. It’s believed that this emotional gap occurs because the average international consumer has more personal memories attached to words in their native language than to words in their second or third languages.

And you don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that emotion is a motor for creating a response from your audience, and that emotionally interested listeners are more likely to remain invested in your message. If your marketing campaign is targeting a Spanish audience, your campaign needs to be spoken in fluent Spanish to make the emotional connections necessary for effective advertising.

Working With the Right Agency

After you’ve made the choice to use Spanish voice talent, you need to make the choice to use the right talent agency. Working with the right agency is often the sole difference between success and failure in international marketing, because so much of your success is depends on an understanding of what it takes to advertise to Spanish audiences.�

For instance, you need the right talent to fulfill a wide range of needs. You have to find the right voice and dialect for your ad. Above all, that means finding the appropriate regional accent for your campaign. That includes a wide variety of regional accents, so you have a Mexican Spanish accent for campaigns in Mexico, a Neutral Spanish accent for campaigns in Peru, and so on.

PB Talent stands out as a leading talent provider because it can accommodate all that and more. PB Talent can work at your speed, either playing a direct role in helping you cast Spanish voice talent, or enabling you to cut costs cast the talent on your own. Unlike some agencies, you can hear exactly what your talent sounds like before you’ve hired them. And with PB’s high-tech digital recording facilities, it’s able to crate professional audio recordings suitable for any medium.

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How Political Speakers Continue to Inspire and Motivate Audiences

Posted by Cindi Davis

Hiring any type of speaker for an event can be a daunting task, especially when looking for a political speaker. What is the best way to go about looking for the right speaker? Is there any guarantee the speaker will talk about and promote the kind of information that will be relevant?

Finding the right speaker often means finding the right company, first. Pastorini-Bosby Talent has, well, a talent for locating the people with the stories, the skills, and the attitude to reach out to audiences all over the world. They have over twenty years of experience finding the perfect speaker. What makes a good motivational or political speaker? There are many things to keep in mind, but some of the most important are also the most basic; relate to the audience, make eye contact, and speak to the crowd, not at them.

Make it Personal

It is nearly impossible for political speakers to truly engage, inspire, or motivate an audience without bringing an element of themselves to the stage. There is little more inspiring to an audience than an extraordinary personal story. If audiences feel they can relate to a speaker, feel they have something in common, they are much more likely to get on board with the overall message. Many speakers will tell a personal story to grab the audience's attention before going on to deliver the key message.

Visual Aids

What is a proper speech without the help of a visual presentation? Many speakers make use of posters, power point presentations, image slide shows, and video clips to keep the audience engaged and alert. Often, such aids,and even physical props, are used, not only to keep the audience actively listening, but to help keep the speaker on track and moving quickly along. Knowing the audience is a great help in making this preparation. Age, gender, social class can play a big part in the the type of content needed to keep the audience focused on the speaker.

Make Eye Contact

One way to really connect to an audience is to make eye contact. Many good political speakers will attempt to pick several people out in their audience and speak directly to them, rather than at the back wall or to an object hovering just below the ceiling. Reading from a script is another way to stunt inspiration, and many speakers, while carrying a speech to a podium, will walk in with most of their content memorized to achieve maximum contact.

Get Passionate

When discussing politics, as a speaker or otherwise, it is difficult not to get passionate about the content. Many political speakers believe absolutely in their message, which makes it very hard to ignore. Enthusiasm is contagious, creating an atmosphere for motivation and inspiration to grow and spread.

From big ideas to little tricks, good political speakers know how to reach out and grab the audience's attention, nudge them into a new way of thinking, and get people inspired and excited about the topic at hand. With a little bit of research, a little preparation, a lot of heart, and the right collection of visual aids, political speakers can really help to liven up an event and rally an audience.

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Remember when fans brought FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS back from cancellation with the help of Direct TV? 

Shouldn’t we try it with REVOLUTION??? 

Jon Favreau posted on Facebook about how fans want to save the show and move it to another network. That is our new campaign! There are several things to do: sign the petition, write to Netflix about picking up the show, join twitter to tweet the weekly messages listed on the blog to the networks, post Facebook messages, and watch the last two episodes of the season to boost the ratings! We need to watch it on NBC and on Netflix! 

Please email your family, and friends asking they go to the link below for information: 


Thank you for your support! Let’s keep bringing work back to Texas!!


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