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Promoting Workplace Wellness With a Medical Speaker

Posted by Cindi Davis

Having healthy employees will only benefit you in the long run. Encouraging them to get healthy and stay that way may be another matter entirely. Helping your workers adopt healthier behaviors, such as increased levels of physical activity, improved eating habits, decreased stress levels, and cessation of tobacco use, can all help them prevent or lower their risk of health risks. So, what can you do to promote wellness in the workplace? You can start with some motivation from a professional medical speaker.
Motivational Speakers
Motivational speakers come from a place of familiarity. They've been overweight and out of shape, with poor diets and fitness lifestyles, but they've figured out ways to bounce back from that and become healthy. Or, perhaps they're doctors, nutritionists, or health and wellness experts who make it their life's work to promote healthy living. Whatever the case, hiring a medical speaker from Pastorini-Bosby Talent in Houston for your next employee gathering can spur on your employees and get them excited about adopting a healthier lifestyle.
PB Talent has a wide pool of health and wellness experts to choose from, whether authors, celebrities, chefs or doctors. For example, Ali Vincent, winner of NBC's The Biggest Loser season five, is available for speaking engagements to talk about how she accomplished her weight loss goals while in the limelight. Adam Richman is a celebrity chef and author who stars on Travel Channel's Man v. Food. He is available for motivational speaking engagements and even cooking demonstrations.

Encourage Fitness in the Workplace
By making your workplace fitness-friendly, you are encouraging your workers to be active participants in their healthy living goals. You can designate special parking spots for those who ride their bikes to work, or kick start a walking club during lunch with rewards for those who get in on the program. Be a good example yourself by taking walks at lunch, wearing a step counter throughout your day, and promoting use of the stairs rather than the elevator. These are all simple things that can spark action in your employees.
Boost Preventive Care
Yes, you offer health insurance to your employees. They may visit the doctor when they are sick, but there are so many other facets of health care that you can explore on site. These include chair massages to decrease stress, on-site health clinics with doctors and nurses for routine screening, or mobile clinics for annual flu shots. Make it easy for them to get healthy. More than $576 billion dollars are lost each year due to poor health costs, and $227 billion of that comes from lost productivity on behalf of employees who are too sick to work.
Replace Unhealthy Snack Options
When those 3 p.m. hunger cravings hit, it's easy to head to the break room and buy a can of soda and some chips from the vending machine. Consider replacing those unhealthy temptations with healthier meals and snacks that help them perform at their best all day long. Instead of soda, try sparkling water or low sugar juices. Instead of chips, stock up on nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars.
Maintaining a healthy workplace is easier than you may think. From hiring motivational medical speakers to implementing rewards for healthy actions, you can do your part to promote workplace wellness.

Hiring a Makeup Artist For Your Houston Wedding

Posted by Cindi Davis

There's no other day in which you'll be the center of attention more than on your wedding day. You'll be taking countless pictures and everyone will remark at how beautiful you look. You'll look through your wedding album with pride periodically throughout your lifetime, showing your kids how their parents met. You'll want to look your very best. Don't let the dazzle of your dress outshine your natural, facial beauty. Having your makeup artfully applied can enhance your features and make you shine. That's why it's important to hire a professional makeup artist for your Houston wedding.
What a Makeup Artist Can Do
Applying makeup takes an artist skilled in cosmetics, and they are able to create a work of art. Many hair salons and spas in the Houston area boast experienced makeup artists that are available to work on you as the bride or your entire bridal party so everyone's makeup looks consistent. A better choice is to contact an agency such as Pastorini-Bosby Talent – based in Houston – who has makeup artists skilled in this trade. They don't just do weddings: they often work on models, actors, and may even show off their skills at expos and conventions. Your wedding day can be a long, trying one. Your makeup will have to last hours on end. This is where the skills of an artist come in. They know the exact colors and techniques that can bring out your best features and make sure the cosmetics stay on all day and night long.
An Added Expense?
Hiring a makeup artist in Houston will mean an investment, especially if you have your whole bridal party involved. However, there are many benefits to this that will more than make up for the initial cost. This could be one of the best decisions you as the bride make on your wedding day because it takes all the guesswork out of a stressful event, according to professional makeup artist Chandra Frederick. This is especially true if you tend to get nervous, stressed, confused or unfocused on big days. And, if you have little to no experience applying makeup, with just a little lip gloss and some mascara being the extent of your makeup regimen each day, it will be tough to get your makeup just right – enough to accent your natural features and show up on film but not enough that you look like a clown.
Hiring a makeup artist is great for consistency's sake, so you and your bridesmaids all have the same general look and even application. Treating yourself to a half hour of quiet and peace while someone works on your face is a welcome relief in the hustle and bustle that is your wedding day. It's just one less thing you have to worry about. When hiring a makeup artist, make sure you get a contract in writing, just as you would when hiring any other type of contractor.

For the most photographed day of your life, a makeup artist is well worth the cost and should be considered as invaluable as the dress, the food and the decorations. Once the party is over, all you'll have are memories and the photos to remind you of who you were and where you're headed. Hire a trusted makeup artist today from PB Talent. 

What to Look For in an Inspirational Speaker

Posted by Cindi Davis

There are certain individuals throughout history who are considered highly motivational and inspirational speakers. This list includes such great orators as Daniel Webster, Booker T. Washington, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as American Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama. The qualities that these individuals possessed that made them great speakers was their ability to inspire and challenge the listener to a higher sense of purpose and meaning.
Hearing a great speech or inspirational talk not only uplifts the soul but also motivates the listener to take an action. If you are a meeting coordinator or someone in the capacity of scheduling outside speakers for your organization, it is important to understand what qualities you should look for in a speaker. It is also important to know what resources are available to assist you in finding the right inspirational speaker for your next motivational event. Here is some information to help you identify and find your next inspirational speaker.
What Qualities Should You Look For in a Speaker?
As mentioned above, many consider Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. one of the greatest speakers of the twentieth century, if not of all time. The qualities that Dr. King possessed as a speaker are those qualities that speakers today look to emulate when delivering talks and speeches. These qualities are cadence, context, authenticity, practice, repetition and connection to the audience that he spoke to, whether it was an assemblage of one million on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to deliver the famous "I Have a Dream Speech," or to his congregation on Sundays at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.
It is important to understand when looking for a speaker to understand what type of person you need for your group. An inspirational speaker seems to be the same as one who is motivational but in fact they are different types of speakers. A speaker who is inspirational, such as 17 year-old Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, whose talks of courage in the face of overwhelming odds serves as an inspirational source for anyone who has listened to her, to Dale Carnegie, famous sales guru whose talks served as a source of motivation to take action. It is possible for an inspirational speaker to also serve as a motivational speaker, as was the case with President John F. Kennedy, Jr. in his inaugural speech where he challenged the nation to "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
Where Should You Go To Hire a Speaker For Your Next Meeting?
Whether you are looking for an inspirational or motivational speaker, you should contact Pastorini-Bosby Talent, an agency based in Houston, Texas. PB Talent has a roster of inspirational and motivational speakers that are perfect for your event. You can search their directory of hundreds of prominent individuals, thought leaders and highly successful individuals in order to find that speaker that is perfect to deliver the type of message you need delivered.

Hiring a Christian or Faith-Based Keynote Speaker

Posted by Cindi Davis

If you are planning an event or a retreat for an organization, business, or civic group, there are many aspects to consider. Perhaps the most integral part of a successful event is the keynote speaker. This may often be the reason that many participants attend in the first place, so it makes sense to put some thought and resources into finding the best speaker for the occasion.

A Christian speaker is a great candidate for a wide range of events and engagements, and the take-away message is one that appeals to a broad range of audiences. Before deciding who to hire to speak at your event, be sure to consult with a licensed, affiliated talent agency for the most reliable and remarkable speakers. Be sure that the agent you hire comes from a licensed speaker bureau, with membership to groups such as SAG. Check out the website for PB Talent to see an example of relevant affiliations and characteristics of a reputable talent agency.

Some compelling reasons to consider a Christian speaker at your next event include the following:

To engage

Religious speakers have a knack for engaging their audience. A perfect example of this is how a minister or clergy is able to engage and move large congregations of people with the words of their sermon. There is usually something inherently inviting and alluring about a religious speaker and those that regularly offer public speaking engagements are honed in this skill-set.

To inspire

A religious speaker is able to instill a sense of inspiration, and perhaps a bit of optimism to your group. These gifted speakers are able to inspire change and promote growth in those that listen and hear their words. This is a great tool to take advantage of when planning business-related retreats or events that will be focused on your team or staff. Inspired individuals take pride in what they do, while striving to always do better.

To motivate

They don't call them motivational speakers for nothing- these hired performers are able to instill a sense of motivation and ambition within each attendant. Whether this is based on positive reinforcement of value to the team or if this is through a reassurance to keep trying, the common result seems to be motivation. This would make an exemplary foundation for a work-related retreat or training, and would foster attendees leaving with a new-found excitement about what they do.

To encourage

Christian keynote speakers are able to provide encouragement and reassurance, which can have powerful effects. When people feel valued and appreciated, they may have a new zeal for their job or their mission. Acknowledging achievement and praising accomplishment can set the stage for increased performance and improved productivity.

To intrigue

There are some very commendable and recognized Christian speakers, and these might be the individuals to instill a sense of curiosity and intrigue among those attending your event. A curious mind will be an asset and those that are intrigued by something that they learned or heard at your event may seek out ways to live up to the potential that they are capable of. Speakers can provide tools to participants that may make a difference in the way they work, relate, or live, which could make a dramatic difference to the individual, with positive ripple-effects on a broader scale.

When you want to send attendees, participants, or staff home feeling rejuvenated and revitalized, a Christian keynote speaker can be the perfect solution. The message is universal and often fits with diverse groups and businesses, while providing an encouraging, positive experience for all in attendance.

The Value of Inspiration: Hiring a Speaker

Posted by Cindi Davis

Anybody who has worked in the corporate world either as an employee or business owner knows how draining it can be. It's a lot of hard work that isn't always fun, and it's easy to get discouraged when things don't go your way. That's even true for those who have never worked in the business sector. Life is hard, and we all need to be reminded of why we do what we do. This is exactly why hiring a motivational or inspirational speaker for an event can be so valuable.

Not Just Another Lecture

Employees everywhere are probably familiar with company meetings where they sit down and basically listen to a lecture from one of their superiors. Not all of these meetings are as boring or demoralizing as many people fear, but there are good reasons why so many people hate going to them. They break up the flow of the work day, they often introduce changes that not everyone may be comfortable with, and at their worst they remind employees what is going wrong with their jobs. This might cause some people to have a knee-jerk reaction to any meeting or presentation, even from a inspirational speaker. However, hiring the right kind of speaker can change a person's perception of their job, their company and even of life in general.

The most important job of any speaker is to convey information to an audience. Motivational speakers certainly do that, but they also do far more. First of all, they convey information in a way that is easy for anyone to comprehend. Yes, the average person may be able to understand what is being told to them in a rote lecture, but it may not be presented in a way that makes it easy to digest. Information from a poor or boring speaker eventually turns into mere noise, while information from a good motivational speaker is "felt" on a personal level. The audience should be able to relate to what is being told to them and have an emotional response to it.

Since a motivational speaker should be able to, well, motivate an audience, any emotional response that is felt should be a positive one. They should be able to present their information in a way that inspires people. This is why they are most often hired for company retreats, business conventions and any other events that allow people to take a breather from their work without having to take their minds off of it completely.

A good motivational speaker should be knowledgeable in their field. They need to be able to inspire others and make them excited about what they do, but they should have an air of authority about them. The audience needs to know that a speaker has been where many of them are now, and that the speaker has achieved success not just through hard work but from what they've learned throughout their career. It's that kind of knowledge and authority that makes people want to keep listening to someone speak.

Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Truly great motivational speakers are hard to come by, but the best way to find one for your next event is to go through a talent agency such as PB Talent. PB Talent has over 20 years of experience booking speakers, actors and other professionals for events of all kinds. For more information about PB Talent and how they can help you find a great motivational speaker for your next event.

Spreading the Word: Motivational Christian Speakers

Posted by Cindi Davis

A motivational speaker who can stir your crowd to action is valuable -- a speaker with a Christian message who speaks directly to your church group, congregation or support group is even better. Hiring a professional Christian speaker has its perks, most notably the skill to work a crowd, deliver a specific message and motivate a group to change the world. Your search starts at Pastorini-Bosby, the top talent agency in Houston, in operation for nearly 25 years.
Where to Start
If you're looking to book a speaker for your church group, congregation, retreat or even private school ceremony, you may feel at a loss as to where to begin. You can start your search with a reputable agency like PB Talent which has a history of providing local and national Christian speakers touted for their superior leadership abilities, communication skills and personal stories that anyone can relate to. When you hire someone to share their motivational stories with your group, you're making an investment in your message of hope. PB Talent allows you to search through all its speakers in one spot, narrowing down your search as needed. Some speakers are also celebrities. Others are noted for their religious affiliations and leadership in the church.
Christian Speaker Search
Christian leaders can speak on topics ranging from health and well-being to religion and diversity. Finding that ideal complement to your specific audience is as simple as connecting with an experienced, well-known Christian speaker. You can search by topic, name, fee range or bio. From athletes and actors to best-selling authors and TV hosts, you will be treated to their complete biography, a photo, what they charge per speaking engagement and more. You'll find that many Christian speakers pull double duty as other professionals. For example, Kirk Cameron -- while he may be most well known for his stint on the TV show Growing Pains, is also a noted film producer and Christian speaker who specializes in speaking engagements, keynote speeches, personal appearances and even autograph signings.

Former New York Jets scout, Daniel Kelly, is also a Christian speaker. In fact, he wrote a book entitled "Whatever it Takes," which was met with disdain initially because he spoke out on the love and hope of Jesus Christ. He takes that experience of discouragement and turns it into a story of encouragement. Lisa Welchel is another example of a Christian speaker. She was best known for her role on TV's Facts of Life but is now an author and international speaker in support of today's women and their role in Christianity.

Why Hire One?
If you find that your church group, support group, congregation or school is getting into the same rut over and over again and needs a fresh perspective, it's time to seek out and hire a Christian speaker. This situation happens not just in churches and Christian groups but in the workplace and schools as well. Therefore, hire an experienced speaker when you need to change a negative or stagnant cycle of thinking through a spark plug to get everyone excited about their mission again. With so many backgrounds and specialties to choose from, Christian speakers on PB Talent's site provide a diverse offering of people who are skilled in their faith as well as communication.

Recognizing Body Language Cues to Increase Your Executive Presence

Posted by Cindi Davis

Body language can say a lot about a person. It can tell you when a person is feeling confident, nervous, interested in something or interested in someone. You can easily tell what a person is thinking if you know how to read body language, and you can use that knowledge along with your own body language to increase your executive presence. Executives need to appear powerful and confident in the presence of others, and these tips for reading body language and presenting yourself can help you do exactly that.
Body Language and Confidence
Body language can be a great indicator of a person's confidence. People who are nervous often look to their sides during a conversation instead of looking the speaker in the eye, and those who have their arms crossed are closing themselves off to other's influence. Naturally, people won't take you seriously if you display these cues, so do your best to eliminate them when dealing with others.
Of course, this also means that you should be looking for these cues in others as well. You don't want to appear too intimidating when dealing with other executives or employees, and signs of nervousness or a lack of confidence could be clues that you are on the verge of losing your audience. If you see that your presence is making your audience nervous, try to adjust your body language and your presentation to keep them at ease. By maintaining an authoritative and executive presence while still coming off as affable and approachable, you can better influence people and encourage them to do their best in the workplace.
Respecting Personal Space
While you do want to come off as both authoritative and approachable, be careful about invading one's personal space. Physical closeness - people standing close to somebody or leaning in to be closer - is an indicator of how comfortable you are with someone. People who are closer to you are thinking more warmly about you and are comfortable with your presence, so they will be more likely to be influenced by you. However, not everyone likes it when you invade their own "personal bubble." If you are with someone who is obviously uncomfortable or nervous around you, keep your distance until you've come closer to earning their trust. Most Americans like to keep about two feet of distance between each other, so try not to get any closer than that. Getting too close is a good way to scare someone away from being influenced by you or even working with you.
Remember that Body Language Isn't an Exact Science
Although there is much we know about body language and communication, you need to remember that it isn't an exact science. One common gesture or tilt of the head doesn't indicate what a person is feeling; you need to look for a combination of gestures, and those combinations are different for everybody. You can look for some universal cues such as crossed arms to indicate nervousness, but don't assume that everyone's body language is the same. Everyone is unique, and different people express themselves in different ways.
Learning how to read body language is a valuable skill in the business world, but it takes some time before someone can do it well. If you want to teach your employees to have a better executive presence, consider booking a motivational speaker from PB Talent. Their motivational speakers can help provide you and others in your company with an excellent example of executive presence in order to guide you in reevaluating your own presence in the boardroom.

Booking an Inspirational Speaker For Your Event

Posted by Cindi Davis

Finding the right inspirational speaker can be a tough job, especially when there are so many to choose from. One of the best providers, Pastorini-Bosby Talent, offers access to a wide variety of individuals from athletes to actors, available to attend corporate or private events to help motivate audiences toward a particular goal. In order to find the right speaker, it is important to understand what an inspirational speaker does and how the talent has developed. Knowing why an inspirational speaker is needed is half the battle, and allows the planner to find the perfect individual to speak to a specific group of people.
What Do Motivational Speakers Do?
To put it simply, they do exactly what the title suggests and work to motivate and inspire their listeners by sharing life experiences and stories of overcoming great obstacles. Being able to relate to people, especially a large group of people, is a feat in and of itself. Motivational speakers reach out to their audiences and pull them in by sharing their own trials. More often than not, it brings the audience closer to the speaker, and provides the opportunity to deliver a message that will be accepted and heeded, for topics ranging from health and fitness to office communication to living a balanced lifestyle.
Motivational History
Public speaking has been around for centuries, and inspirational speakers, especially religiously motivated speakers, have lead the charge. While such a task can be intimidating, and statistics show that the vast majority of people consider public speaking to be one of their biggest fears, there are some who can put that aside. From motivation on the battle field to prophets teaching in temples, examples of motivational speakers are readily available and wide spread over a number of topics. What is public speaking, but a form of teaching? Even inspiration and motivation takes some measure of education before a new technique or habit can be implemented.
Mutually Beneficial
Inspirational speakers can help to benefit more than the individual lives of their audiences. In many cases, especially when speaking for a corporate meeting or conference, the message can benefit the business as well. Health and wellness, for example, encourages the audience to live healthier lifestyles, which lead to fewer sick days. With employees going about business as usual, there is little to no delay in production, no co-workers left to pick up the extra work from those missing from their desks. A balanced lifestyle is just one example in a wide variety of other topics that yield incredible results, and PB Talent is able to provide the perfect speaker to promote health, wellness, and an improved work ethic.
Whether planning for a public event with open access, a private corporate conference, or an intimate social gathering, motivational and inspirational speakers are always a popular choice for guests and main events. With PB Talent, you will be able to sift through their great variety to find just the right person to reach out to your audience. PB Speakers offers access, in some cases exclusively, to athletes, health gurus, actors, businessmen and women, comedians, and so much more. Visit their website to browse the options and find the perfect fit for your event.

Need Help Developing Your Executive Presence?


Where to Find Commercial Voice Actors

Posted by Cindi Davis

Searching for the right commercial voice actor in your narratives, books on tape, e-learning courses and animated films is a cinch when you know where to look. You need to select a commercial voice acting agency that specializes in this type of service, and Pastorini-Bosby Talent offers that and more. They're also known for their motivational speakers and celebrity speeches. Pairing the right commercial voice actor for your project is critical, as you need spot-on intonation, inflection and animation, with narration that takes on the tone you're looking for, whether informative, humorous or even bilingual.
Breathe Life into Your Project

In order to sell your film, service, product or idea to your target audience, you need to ensure the reaction you get is the one you're going for. That's why the right commercial voice actor is critical at this juncture. A multi-platform experience with just the voice over can evoke a variety of emotions in your audience that you just can't get with a simple visual component. Blending your message with a commercial voice will lend a new perspective on your project that hopefully brings about a positive reaction in the audience. When this happens, you increase you chances of making the sale, getting your message across or pitching your new idea.
What Type to Choose
This can be the hard part, but with PB Talent, they can help you select the right commercial voice actor for your needs. Whether you need a voice for Internet radio, TV commercials, e-learning courses or books on tape, you have to make an impression. That means there are no second chances -- it either works or it doesn't. PB  Talent, in business for almost 25 years, can help you select a voice that will capture the heart of your audience.
Matching the Voice
Prospective customers will directly correlate your brand with the voices they hear on the radio or other medium. Finding someone who speaks clearly, annunciates, and uses just the right inflection at critical points is important. Matching your voice to the product, service or character brings life to the endeavor. Mismatching the voice at this point could prove disastrous, as you don't want to confuse your audience. There are a few things to consider. For example, you may want to avoid the use of regional accents unless called for in the directive. Age directly correlates with a brand as well. So for instance, you would ideally choose a child as voice over talent for a toy commercial or kids' cereal, while a distinguished man's voice would be great for a razor blade shaver commercial. Taking into consideration the range of the actor's vocal dynamics is key here.
PB Talent: A Trusted Source
PB Talent's website features many voice over talent professionals, along with motivational and inspirational speakers. When you need commercial voice talent, this is the place to go, especially if you need something specialized, like bilingual or foreign voice talent. During the selection process, you can view demos and share them with others on your decision making team to figure out the best option for your needs. PB Talent can also cast a commercial voice for you if you're new to the process, plus you can tackle your own voice-over project. Whether your need is related to corporate audio, answering services or lively character voices, you are sure to find something for your project that's a good fit.

Why Should I Hire A Trade Show Model?

Posted by Cindi Davis

Hiring a trade show model is a snap when you know where to look for a wide pool of talent. PB Talent, in business for more than 20 years, gives you access to a wide variety of models when you need to hire someone to man your booth at a trade show, for instance. Putting a professional face to your organization can pay off big, to the tune of max sales impact. Professionals are trained to handle the busy nature of trade shows and interactions with potential customers.
Why Hire a Trade Show Model?
Sure, you have plenty of sales staff that you can put in place to sell your products at a trade show or convention. You still need them in the background, of course, but you also need someone up front interacting with the public, getting them interested initially in what you have to offer. The overload on the senses at a busy trade show, as you know, is huge. Your sales staff may not be able to handle that overload as well as a professional would. And you can't afford to lose any prospects because your existing sales staff is overwhelmed or doesn't know how to work a crowd. If you're thinking: how could hired trade show models possibly know enough about my product to sell it in this type of environment?

PB Talent hires seasoned professionals who will work with you to quickly pick up on the quick pitch they need to know in order to make an efficient delivery and hit their mark. Using the power of attraction, whether in female models or male models, the job of these professionals is to lure in visitors just enough for your sales people to take over after the initial interest has been caught. The top three reasons to hire a trade show model? Generate better exposure to your product, increase sales and boost customer leads.
How PB Talent can Help
PB Talent makes it easy to find the trade show models you need for your next auto show, convention, trade show or festival. Choose from a variety of booth hosts and hostesses, crowd gatherers, presenters and facilitators, all trained to bring in prospects and get people to your booth. These professionals are also referred to as promotional models, hired with the intent to advertise a product, idea, service or campaign. Use these valuable assets when you need to make a big splash with your marketing approach. They are not only appealing to the eye with lots of charisma and charm, they also are trained to interact with your customers, give them vital information about your products, answer any questions, and then relate back to you about what customers want. This feedback is a critical part of any trade show, as this is where you keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on in your industry.
Trade show models are personable, trained to quickly and efficiently pick up on new information and impart it in a way that's easy to understand. Traits to look for in trade show models include confidence, communication skills, problem solving skills and genuine friendliness. When you're ready to hire a trade show model for your next event, you can rest easy knowing all the models have been pre-screened, are personable, and are efficient in what they do.

Relying on Voice Over Agents to Find Voice Talent

Posted by Cindi Davis

Finding the perfect voice over agents to use in your commercial narratives and animated films is easy when you know where to look. The voice over agents, at Pastorini-Bosby Talent, offer a variety of voice casting actors who can lend a professional feel to your project. Hiring a voice actor skilled in this area means you get the right blend of intonation, inflection, animation and narration that is unique to your individual needs, whether that's serious, funny, friendly, bilingual or informative.
Choosing a Voice Over Agent
Looking to sell your film, service, product or idea to just the right audience? You need to tap into opportunities that will allow for a multi-platform experience to get your audience to react the way you want them to. Just showing them a visual component to your project won't be sufficient to get your point across. You need to match your message with a commercial voice that will breathe life into your idea. When the audience reacts positively to your message, you increase your chances of getting the sale, pitching the idea, or whatever it is you are offering.
Selecting the perfect match doesn't have to be difficult. You just have to put some thought into what kind of voice over agent you need, whether that involves Internet radio, TV commercials, books on tape or even e-learning courses. You get one chance to make an impression. Either the voice falls flat or it captures and captivates your audience. That's where the professionalism of the voice over agents at PB Talent come in. They've been at this for 25 years, offering only the best when it comes to voice actors who hit their mark every time. Perhaps you want a calm, smooth voice for a self-help e-book, but for a product that's geared toward young men and women, you'll want someone more upbeat who speaks like a young person does.
Communicate Your Skills argues that your customers will equate your brand with the voices they hear. That's why it's critical to find a voice over agent who speaks clearly, annunciates and doesn't use regional accents unless directed. Matching up the voice you choose with your product is also important, as you wouldn't want to use a man's voice for a women's line of beauty products or an older woman's voice for a teen's deodorant, for example. In addition, always take into consideration the range of the actor's vocal dynamics.
Trust PB Talent
PB Talent's website makes it easy to browse through the many voice actors you want to consider. There is a wide spectrum of talent on display here for a range of services such as motivational and inspirational speakers. In addition to speakers for all occasions, PB's wealth of voice over agents is plentiful. Need Spanish voice talent? What about children's voices for your kids' book online? Check out demos and share with others during your search for the best voice actor for your needs. If you have a hard time deciding, PB Talent can cast a voice for you to take the hassle out of the process. In addition, performing your own voice over project is also a possibility. From corporate audio and commentators to answering services and character voices, there is someone for your project at PB Talent. 

A Beginner's Guide to Voice Casting

Posted by Cindi Davis

If you're looking to film a commercial or business video and need a narrator to lend a professional voice to your project, consider hiring a voice actor through an agency which specializes in voice casting. Whether you want a serious, funny, friendly, informative or bilingual voice, PB Talent can connect you with the professional that's right for your film.
Why a Voice Actor?
Selling your film, product, service or idea creates an opportunity for a multi-platform experience when it comes to how your audience will respond. You won't get far with just a visual piece; you need to hold a voice casting in order to bring your idea to life for the audience. It's important to book an actor who can provide a voice which positively reflects the message and particular project you have in mind. From the Internet to radio to TV commercials, finding that perfect match doesn't have to be daunting.
The key to a successful commercial or corporate video is finding the right person to convey your message. Choosing the wrong narrator for your online course, answering service or commercial can send the wrong message to listeners. Different voices are required for separate genres. You want a melodic, smooth voice for a self-help e-book, for example, with some inflection where necessary; for an online commercial about a soda geared toward teens, you need a voice that's full of enthusiasm and that incorporates all the latest lingo. It's important to select a well-suited, talented and experienced individual.
When it comes to business communication, your customers tend to relate your brand with the voice over talent you choose, according to Communicate Your Skills. As such, it's important that the voice you choose is clear and unambiguous, one that doesn't conform to local speech patterns or use regional accents -- unless called for in the script of course. You'll also want to match up any voice you choose with what you're trying to sell. You wouldn't use a man as a voice actor for a store that sells high-end women's clothing, for instance. The range of the actor's vocal dynamics should also be taken into consideration. Not everyone can pull this off. Annunciation is key here.
Why PB Talent?
When choosing from the top talent in the business, it's easy to browse through the right voice actors for you. PB Talent has more than 20 years of experience in this industry, offering a wide spectrum of talent, from celebrities to authors to local heroes who can deliver moving inspirational or motivational speeches. From Spanish voice talent to children's voices, PB Talent can help connect you with the right professional for your needs. You'll be able to listen to demos and share with other people on your team until you settle on the right one. Let PB Talent cast a voice for you instead. You can even perform your own voice over project. Whatever you decide, there are many options to choose from, such as corporate audio, commentators and character voices.

Find the right acting tone for your commercial, answering service, online course or radio ad by going with a professional voice actor. 

Landing a Job With a Top Talent Agency

Posted by Cindi Davis

For actors, voice actors, motivational speakers, makeup artists, and other talented individuals in the entertainment industry, there is nothing more imperative to a career than to link up with a top talent agency. Having an upper echelon agent can often be the difference between a successful career, and a floundering dream that will never come to fruition. You have to really work to get your representation, and you have to know what steps to take. You also have to be able to recognize which agencies to trust in order to help you further your career, from those who won't.
Be Selective
There are many agencies out there to help jumpstart your career as an actor or speaker, but they're not all what they claim to be. It's important to know how to recognize the strengths and motivations of an agency. If an agency wants to sign you without seeing a portfolio or demonstration of your inquiry, chances are they're for quantity over quality. A reputable top talent agency is not only selective, the process may take considerable time to ensure you're a good fit for their client pool. 
Another red flag is an agency who asks you to pay them for their service. Agents should only receive a percentage of the profits agreed upon in your contract, and never include an upfront or recurring fee.  Finally, before signing with any agency, ask them to show you some of the work that they've helped their talent land, so you can see if they're actually growing the careers of the talent they work with. Consider a top talent agency such as Pastorini-Bosby Talent, with an existing-and impressive- client base. An expert agency will be able to show you exactly what their talent has achieved through them.

Check Your Contacts
If you're already working in the entertainment industry, check around with your contacts to see if any can help connect you with an agency. The business is all about networking, so if you're an actor, call up a director you worked with, and ask for a connection. If you're a makeup artist, call up a successful talent whose makeup you've done, and ask if they have any leads for you. Contacts with connections is the quickest route to finding an agent.
Always Be Prepared
As a skilled professional, it's necessary that you're always prepared to show your skills to agents. If you're an actor, make sure that you always have at least two monologues memorized; if you're a voice actor, make sure you have s professionally produced demo. Then, if you score an interview with an agency, you'll be ready to impress them if they need to see your talent in action.
With these tips, you can be on your way to signing with a quality talent agency. Be persistent, and you'll have a good chance of finding a top agency that is looking for someone just like you.

Charlie Douglas on the set of new Webseries

Congrats to PB Talent's Charlie Douglas on his fun shoot for the new webseries UR in Analysis! Check him out on set with Mitch Pileggi, Mickey Gooch and Bo Jesse Christopher!

PB Talent's Roland Ruiz tells us about Boyhood

Check out this AMAZING video put together by PB Talent's Roland Ruiz talking about Oscar Nominated "Boyhood!"

Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Richard Linklater's BOYHOOD is a groundbreaking story of growing up as seen through the eyes of a child named Mason (a breakthrough performance by Ellar Coltrane), who literally grows up on screen before our eyes. Starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason's parents and newcomer Lorelei Linklater as his sister Samantha, BOYHOOD charts the rocky terrain of childhood like no other film has before. Snapshots of adolescence from road trips and family dinners to birthdays and graduations and all the moments in between become transcendent, set to a soundtrack spanning the years from Coldplay's Yellow to Arcade Fire's Deep Blue. BOYHOOD is both a nostalgic time capsule of the recent past and an ode to growing up and parenting.


The Importance of an Agent by Mia Allen

Great article in the last issue of Louisiana Film & Video Magazine.

Congrats to PB's Raiya Goodman on her outstanding Under Armour commercial!

Congratulations to PB's Raiya Goodman! She recorded the voice-over for the new Under Armour spot with Misty Copeland! Check out the NY Times article below!

PB Talent's Deke Anderson has been nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Feature Film for Flashes!

Congratulations to PB Talent's Deke Anderson on his nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Feature Film for Flashes! Flashes is up for Best Feature Film at the Action on Films International Film Festival in Los Angeles. Over 2300 films entered, only 450 were accepted. Check out Deke in the film below!

Diversifying the Airwaves: The Importance of Reaching Audiences with Spanish Voice Talent

Posted by Cindi Davis

As virtually all Americans know, the US is a great melting pot, a country where many cultures and ethnicities meld together to form the human race. Because of this, our linguistics are as varied as our food: English is far from the only language of the American people. With foreign languages becoming a commonality in pretty much all fifty states, the airwaves need to be diversified; to advertise your product only in English is to miss out on a lot of potential customers and sales. Spanish voice talent is one of the fastest growing, on-demand niche marketplace.
Spanish Speakers in the US
Nearly 38 million people in the US speak Spanish at home. Not only is this a huge number, but it's also a huge jump from the 1980 US Census. During that time, only 11 million people were Spanish speakers. In other words, using Spanish has tripled in the US over the past thirty or so years and it continues to rise. In fact, out of the 61 million people in who US who speak a language other than English, Spanish-speakers account for two-thirds. The demand for Spanish voice talent is bound to increase as the population shifts.
Advertising Through Radio
What this all boils down to is that the Hispanic population is growing and growing quickly. This propels them into a target and coveted demographic: if you want to sell your products, you must reach the masses. This is especially true for people who are selling products that cater to the younger generations as the Hispanic population is growing particularly fast in more youthful demographics. Radio is the perfect medium for reaching them.
In the age of CDs, MP3's, and iPods, it may seem as if radio has lost its allure, but it's proven over and over again to have staying power. A Nielsen report released last year found that 90 percent of Americans listen to the radio. Those who are African American and Hispanic were the biggest consumers of the AM/FM airwaves.
But, of course, it's not just radio that advertisers should be concerned with: Spanish speakers are also big consumers of cinema and television. Diversifying these mediums as well as radio is an important step to take in order to reach as many people as possible.
Advertising in Spanish doesn't necessarily mean missing out on English-speaking customers; more and more of the population is becoming bilingual. Younger people are more likely to be bilingual and the most common language to learn (other than English) is Spanish.
What is Spanish Voice Talent?
The Spanish voice talent industry is essentially exactly as it sounds: it's made up of people fluent in Spanish who provide voice-over work for several different mediums, including radio, television, and cinema. The voice actors of Pastorini-Bosby Talent can do commercials, soap operas, films, and animated cartoons. They can also do live events, such as conventions, seminars, or hosting. The talent agency has an impressive line-up of Spanish speaking actors of all ages including men, women, teenagers, and children.


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