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Inspirational Speakers Infographic - March 2014

Posted by Cindi Davis
Inspirational Speakers Infographic

How to Create an Actors Access Profile

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Check Out Our Newest Actor's Intro!

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Executive Presence: The Key to a Successful Corporate Event

Posted by Cindi Davis

Executive presence is difficult to define precisely, but you always know it when you see it. It is the ability to exude confidence, decisiveness and poise even under extreme pressure, and the ability to communicate clearly and assertively. Though some people seem to project executive presence so thoroughly they appear to have been born with it, in fact it is developed over time with experience, maturity and training. Most likely, the people you see commanding attention seemingly effortlessly in a boardroom or at a banquet worked long and hard preparing for the event. Executive presence is a skill that can be mastered for public speaking in a business setting. If you need to learn how to boost your executive presence, keep these facets of public speaking in mind.

Speaking Skills

An executive presence trainer will teach you that the key to demonstrating your assertiveness is to use a firm, loud voice. Do not let sentences trail off or use filler language. Do not fear a brief silence; use it to your advantage. No matter how complex the topic, you should to be able to explain it simply and clearly. You need to exude self-confidence. The audience must be convinced that you believe strongly in what you do and that you are passionate about it. Part of coming across as intelligent and insightful is spending time preparing yourself thoroughly for anything that might come up. You need to anticipate any possible questions and pre-formulate answers, so that you do not have to shuffle through your notes or respond that you don't know the answer to a question from your audience.

Reading and Engaging an Audience

Executive presence trainers can also help you learn how to properly engage your audience. After a few coaching sessions, you will begin to feel more comfortable with the prospect of speaking in front of large audiences without being afraid of appearing flustered. The audience must feel that this event is not about you but about them. Part of engaging an audience is the ability to think on your feet and deviate from your prepared script if necessary. Do not just speak, but listen. Make each individual in your audience feel important. Answer any questions you are asked with sincerity. Ask questions of your listeners and make it clear that you care about the answers.

Personal Appearance

Though being sharply dressed is only one aspect of personal appearance, it is a crucial one. Many people do not have an innate instinct for appropriate attire and need personal coaching in learning what to wear. Your clothing should fit properly and be clean and pressed. Your hair should be properly styled and combed, your teeth clean and your nails trimmed. Once that hurtle is passed, from the moment you enter the room positive body language is essential. Whether standing or sitting, no matter your height, you need to keep your back straight and long to appear assertive. Shake hands firmly, and greet people with a friendly but authoritative voice. Maintain eye contact with everyone in the room, as this exudes confidence. Whether standing at a podium or sitting at a conference table, lean slightly forward to appear engaged. Rather than making yourself small by crossing your arms or legs, put your arms on the table or podium to appear comfortable taking up space. These actions may seem silly, but the visual cues you send have a dramatic effect on how you are perceived.

There are many details involved in establishing and maintaining executive presence. The best way to hone your presentation skills is by engaging executive presence trainers to help develop your confidence, poise and appearance so that when you step forward at a large corporate function it all seems to be second nature to you.

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PB Talent Is Your Best Resource for Christian Speakers

Posted by Cindi Davis

Christian speakers are in high demand for church- and family-related events. These speakers represent wholesome values and inspirational faith that many people are looking for. They offer uplifting speeches that help us deal with life's difficult moments as well as the joys we encounter along the way. Christian speakers offer something that many others cannot: a message that speaks across generations and touches listeners on their deepest and most personal levels.

PB Talent’s roster of Christian speakers offers positive, affirming messages of faith that will keep any group spellbound and allow them to leave with new happiness and hope. PB Talent offers a variety of Christian speakers of all ages and walks of life, including:

Bobby Bowden

This legendary Florida State University football coach took a struggling team and brought them to national fame. Coach Bowden is available to discuss his own life experiences and how his faith has shaped his career.
Dave Dravecky

This retired pitcher for the San Francisco Giants offers a powerful message of faith and hope as well as advice for living a Christian life in any environment.

Deion Sanders

"Neon Deion" is still the only man to win both a Super Bowl and a World Series. He brings his faith to life in his inspirational speeches and tells stories about his fascinating career as both a football and a baseball player.

Kirk Cameron

Famous for his role on television's Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron has made his mark as an outstanding Christian actor in the Left Behind movie series as well as other films. Mr. Cameron is available for speaking engagements and works with groups to provide a strong message of living a faith-based life.

Lisa Welchel

"Blair" from television's Facts of Life is all grown up, but her message of love and how her faith has impacted her life will never grow old! Author, actress and most recently a Final Three contestant on Survivor, Ms. Welchel is ready to spellbind audiences with her fascinating story.

Paul Azinger

As captain of the 2008 United States Ryder Cup team, Paul Azinger knows a good bit about hard work and what it takes to become a champion. This pro-golfer is ready to entertain audiences with his personal message and stories of how he integrated his faith into his quest for greatness in golf.

Mike Huckabee

As a politician, Mr. Huckabee has been in the spotlight for his strong stand on faith-based issues. He is now available for speaking engagements of all types and shares a message of hope and strength for our nation and our world.

Willie Robertson

Long before he became famous as part of A&E's Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson knew about commitment and faith through studying his own family. Now, Mr. Robertson shares his beliefs with groups of all types and helps young people understand how faith plays a role in every part of life.

Contact PB Talent for your next Christian speaking engagement. Patorini-Bosby Talent can work with you to provide your group with the perfect speaker for your event at a price that fits your budget.

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Omar Epps give PB's Landon Gimenez a shout out on Good Morning America!


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How To Plan A Church Event With Christian Speakers

Posted by Cindi Davis

There are many benefits to holding a church event, especially when you are able to bring in Christian speakers. You may be looking to raise money for your church or even build up your congregation. Regardless of why you want to hold the event, you want to make sure that you plan everything effectively so you get the turn out that you were hoping for.

The event planning should be done well in advance of the actual event. You want to figure out how you will invite people to the event. You can use the internet, the radio, the television as well as local publications to get the word out. Do you plan on inviting the congregation or the whole community?

Christian speakers are going to be welcome because they offer an executive presence to help deliver the message. When you want to make sure everyone is getting value from the event, it is advantageous to hire a professional speaker that has a good reputation for professing the faith. Plus, the congregation will get to hear someone other than the pastor speak about religion for a change of pace.

When you decide to look at different professional speakers, it’s important to know how to sort through them all. Especially when it comes to Christian speakers, they may come from a wide range of backgrounds. You need to find someone who is able to convey the same message that your church delivers on a regular basis.

If you find a speaker that is going to go off on a tangent or preach a story that you don’t want delivered to your congregation, everyone may leave the event confused – and this is exactly what you don’t want to have happen. By working with a talent agency to obtain Christian speakers, you can ensure that you are getting professionals with a background that you can check up on. The agency can even help to pair the right speaker with your church, saving you time.

Once you have the Christian speaker in place, you can focus on some of the other aspects to the event. Is your band or choir going to play some songs? Will you be serving any food or drink? Will there be anyone else speaking at the event? You will want to make sure you create a full timeline for the event so that everyone knows what is going on.

The Christian speakers that you hire will need to be informed of the schedule. They will need to know how long you are giving them on the floor so they can arrange their speech to fill that time. You will want to go over what you expect from them, too. This includes the tone that they will use, any messages you do or do not want covered and whether it is okay for them to reach out and get crowd participation.

Your event can be a success with the right planning and with the right speaker in place. 

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Exploring the Many Different Types of Trade Show Models

Posted by Cindi Davis

Trade shows are a valuable resource for companies who are reaching out to other businesses and trying to expand their reach with consumers. However, there’s more to a successful trade show than renting space and putting out a table. The other attendees have a limited amount of time and energy, so they won’t stop at every display. If they believe they’ve seen a company at another show and weren’t interested, then they might not give that company a second chance. However, this can be overcome by having the right trade show models and fantastic talent at the table.

Crowd Gatherers

Crowd gatherers will work to ensure your booth is constantly surrounded by attendees. These individuals, armed with in-depth knowledge regarding your company, will draw crowds to your table with their dynamic personalities. Individuals need to see something fresh if they’re going to visit a presenter’s table, and this is particularly true if they saw that company in the past and weren’t impressed. That first impression is vital, so companies are wise to invest in modern tables, fresh configurations and outgoing trade show models who’ll work to draw the people in as they are walking by.

Hosts and Hostesses

While those staffing the tables don’t have to be models, they should be appropriately dressed and looking their best. Hosts and hostesses will make sure your booth is near and orderly at all times, while also ensuring that visitors are equipped with all the information they need regarding your booth and your company.


The point of the trade show is to garner new contacts and business, but that cannot happen if people walk away with contact information. A booth facilitator will ensure that individuals not only visit your booth, but that they remain at the booth long enough to learn information about the company. A booth facilitator can be especially helpful if your booth contains multi-media devices such as screens and tablets that require explanation or demonstrations. They will make sure the necessary information reaches your audience in an engaging and concise manner.


It takes talent to reach out to people walking by and get them to stop for a closer look. The best displays can only go so far, and then it’s up to the trade show models to take things to the next level. Presenters are confident professionals that will give demonstrations regarding the nature of your business and any new happenings within the company. If you are unveiling a new product, a presenter will educate attendees and make certain they leave your booth fully informed about the company and product.

This year, companies are looking to make the most of trade shows by investing in the right displays and staff. They know that these are important opportunities, and they’re looking to maximize on the exposure by bringing people to the table and sending them away with accurate contact information. If finding the right talent is proving challenging, consider hiring trade show models and talent to ensure your company is properly represented at your next trade show.

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The Booming Hispanic Market: Why You Need Spanish Voice Talent

Posted by Cindi Davis

As a business owner or executive, you understand how important it is to reach your target audience in the most effective ways possible. You may also understand that sections of your target audience may not be receiving your marketing messages or that your target audience has transformed and changed over the years and your company could benefit by finding a way to reach this un-served or under-served section of your target audience. The fact is that many companies can benefit be reaching out to the booming Hispanic market, and special services are available to help you accomplish this goal, such as Spanish voice talent through PB Talent.

The History of Hispanic Population Growth

The growing need for Spanish voice talent can be seen in the growing Hispanic population across the United States. As of July 2012, this was the largest racial or ethnic minority in the country, and Hispanics represented over 17 percent of the population. The rate of growth is tremendous. Between July 2011 and July 2012, the entire U.S. population grew by about 2.3 million people. Of this amount, approximately 1.1 million people were Hispanic.

Projections for Hispanic Population Growth

Between now and 2050, the ethnic make-up of the United States is expected to see a dramatic shift. Currently, about 67 percent of the United States population is white and 14 percent are Hispanic. Projections of current trends indicate that the Caucasian population in 2050 will only be about 47 percent of the total U.S. population and about 29 percent will be Hispanic. There is expected to be little to no significant change in other ethnicities between now and 2050.

Repositioning Your Marketing Strategy

As a business owner or executive, it is important to take time to consider how this change in population growth and ethnic diversity in the United States will impact your business. Companies that take a forward-thinking approach to marketing and that make an effort to establish a relationship with this population may thrive in coming years. Repositioning your marketing strategy may be as simple as reformulating campaigns to appeal to this culture and to Spanish-speaking marketing and advertising material.

Special Spanish Voice Talent Services

One of the best steps that you can take today is to reach out to the team at PB Talent to learn more about their Spanish voice talent services. It is not enough to engage any Spanish-speaking talent. After all, you need to find the right voice based on gender, tone, pitch and more to meet your needs. PB Talent offers an extensive range of Spanish speaking voice talents to choose from, and this makes it easier for you to find talent that is most suitable for your needs. In addition, the experienced team at PB Talent takes the additional initiative to best serve its clients’ needs by providing personalized service to its clients. A representative from PB Talent will take time to learn more about your specific needs, and you will receive recommendations about the voice talent that is best suited for your needs. 

Many businesses today can benefit considerably both now and for many years to come by appealing to the Spanish-speaking sector of their target audience. With voice talent from PB Talent, it is easier than ever to find voice actors that can be used for television ads, radio spots and other purposes. 

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Examining the Most Desirable Traits in Trade Show Models

Posted by Cindi Davis

Trade show models, also known as promotional models, are models that are hired with the purpose of advertising a product. Most commonly used for festivals, auto shows, trade shows, and other big events, trade show models are often valuable assets when it comes to marketing or selling goods. Before your company attends its next convention, trade show, or festival, consider the benefits of trade show models, as well as what characteristics you should look for when hiring a promotional model.

The Benefits of Hiring a Trade Show Model

If your company or business will be attending any type of event where your product will be put on display, you should give serious consideration to hiring a trade show model. Trade show models not only attract consumers to your booth or display—rather, trade show models interact with customers, provide information about the product, answer consumer questions, increase product awareness, and provide feedback to you about consumers' reactions or feelings about the product.

Traits of Trade Show Models

Hiring trade show models involves more than just recruiting someone for their appearance. Because trade show models are often independent contracts that do freelance work, they're highly skilled at learning and retaining new information, being personable, and quickly gathering and relaying detailed product information. When searching for a trade show model for your company, look for someone who has the following characteristics:

Confidence: Confidence is a critical characteristic for a trade show model. Not only does being a trade show model mean being in the spotlight, the model must also have confidence in their ability to recruit people to the booth, as well as their ability to understand information and speak confidently about your product.

Great Communication Skills: Being a trade show model doesn't just involve standing there; it's about communicating with customers. Trade show models need to have the skills to relay difficult or esoteric information into a way that's concise and easy to understand for the layman.

Charisma: Charisma often stems from the models ability to be friendly, kind, and outgoing. It's your trade show models responsibility to interact with people and recruit them to your booth—when hiring, pick someone that stands out, has a big smile, loves to talk to people, and strikes you as charming.

Great Problem Solving Skills: There will be times when problems or complications arise. A trade show model should be able to think on her feet, remain logical, and know how to handle different situations, question, or obstacles they might face.

How to Hire Trade Show Models

If you're convinced of the benefits of trade show models and are hoping to hire one, PB Talent is here to help. PB Talent will ensure all trade show models are pre-screened, professional, friendly, and efficient. With over 20 years of experience, PB Talent knows what it takes to be successful at a trade show and only represents models who can effectively represent your business. Contact them today  learn more about securing a trade show model for your next event.

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PB Talent Can Offer the Right Medical Speaker for Your Next Event


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